Friday, February 6, 2009


Dumb me - I usually sit here with the keyboard in my lap and rather kicked back. Tonight, I dropped the thing, causing the wires to rip right out of it.
Yup, a trip to Fry's electronics and $14.99 less rich and I'm back in action. I was tempted by the myriad of wireless keyboards - but finances prevailed and I just bought the plain old Microsoft thing. I have had at least 5 keyboards for this computer since I got it.

Ummm - so today. Lessee - it was an absolutely gorgeous day. Temps in the low 80's, sun shining. Found myself working my rear off this morning for several hours, the energy output felt good. Was loading large pipe - 18 inches in diameter - onto the semi to return it to the manufacturer. Something we're seeing a lot of are contractors bringing back materials we have sold and delivered to them because whoever owns the project is backing out of it. In this particular case, we had delivered thousands of feet of this particular pipe and tens of thousands of feet more of other kinds of pipe. Fortunately, they got the other pipe in the ground along with all the material that goes with it before the project was shut down.

Literally dozens of projects have been shut down while in full-force. They get the underground stuff put in and then shut it down. A full fledged hospital is being built and will be done in 2 or 3 months - and then it's going to sit until at least mid 2010.

Umm, lots of stuff in the news - I just sit back and shake my head. When will all of this end?

This weekend - I had planned in installing the fence permanently, but apparently the weather is going to sour that plan. Supposedly it's going to rain all weekend. I love the rain, yes, but not when I have things to do outside! I could work in the rain, but some of what I am going to do involves pouring cement, which probably doesn't bode well with continuous watering coming from the sky.

Oh, my makeshift fix to keep the dogs out of their latest assault worked. I watched video surveillance today after getting home. All 4 of them were trying to get past it - just couldn't do it.

It's getting late - for me anyway. I started writing this entry hours ago and then the keyboard was trashed. The computer logged me off and I couldn't get back on to at least save what I had already written - sooooo - I'm done for tonight.

Have a great evening, c'ya tomorrow!

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