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Dumb me - I usually sit here with the keyboard in my lap and rather kicked back. Tonight, I dropped the thing, causing the wires to rip right out of it.
Yup, a trip to Fry's electronics and $14.99 less rich and I'm back in action. I was tempted by the myriad of wireless keyboards - but finances prevailed and I just bought the plain old Microsoft thing. I have had at least 5 keyboards for this computer since I got it.

Ummm - so today. Lessee - it was an absolutely gorgeous day. Temps in the low 80's, sun shining. Found myself working my rear off this morning for several hours, the energy output felt good. Was loading large pipe - 18 inches in diameter - onto the semi to return it to the manufacturer. Something we're seeing a lot of are contractors bringing back materials we have sold and delivered to them because whoever owns the project is backing out of it. In this particular case, we had delivered thousands of feet of this particular pipe and tens of thous…