Saturday, February 7, 2009


Arizona's a funny place to live in terms of weather. You can have a cloudless sky in the morning and by afternoon have a full sky of clouds and rain. Allegedly, that's what's going to happen today. I'm looking out my windows and seeing only a few small cloud wisps floating up there, yet the forecasters insist that it's going to rain later on today.
I actually believe them, having had lived here most of my life.

I have been trying to keep up with backing up my blog entries by posting the same entry on 3 sites. I kinda didn't want to do it this week cause' I posted a V-Log on here, Blogspot, and I don't remember trying to do that on either LiveJournal or Wordpress. Wordpress took a minute for me to figure out - but I got it and LiveJournal was easy. So, now that I know how to do that on all 3 formats, not such an arduous thought of trying to back everything up.

So Ken - my roomate or one of them anyway - paid me yesterday. This guy doesn't play games with the rent. He's $25 off from having his security deposit paid - the money is in my ING savings account. Whenever he decides to move out, I only have to transfer the money out of that account and into my checking account and then I can withdraw it. This will be my standard modus-operandi for any new tenants coming in here from now on. What surprised me is that he also gave me an extra $10 for the food he has been eating out of my cupboards. I have said absolutely nothing to him about it. He also borrowed $20 earlier this week from me and paid that back as well.

Anyone that does all of those things is a good tenant from my viewpoint. Mary is busily attempting to win us both back over. In fact, Ken offered without asking yesterday that his reservations about Mary have disappeared and that he actually LIKES Mary at this point. He did, however, also offer that that should not affect my decision of what to do with her.

Umm, anyway, I was hoping to get a response to a Craigslist ad I placed for galvanized posts for the fence I want to install. No responses. I'm definitely serious about wanting to get that fence permanently installed AND have a nice gate - which I have already acquired - so that I can access both "sides" of my yard without hinder. Meanwhile, I'm looking at pricing on energy efficient doggy doors. Some of there are EXTREMELY expensive. I decided that since I am putting it in the utility room, and the utility room doesn't have an AC outlet, and it gets fairly warm in there in the summer, I don't need an extra-heavy duty door in there. A good one, yes, but a $300 version, not.

Yes, I'm busily formulating whatever I have to to come up with ways to save energy in here, and that is one HUGE way to do so. I know I'm losing cool air out of that doggy door I have in here now, I just didn't have any choice but to install one. I couldn't have them - the dogs - outside all day long baking in 110 degree heat (well, I won't do that to them, anyway, I COULD set up an evaporative cooler out there under a ramada and that would do just as well) but no way was I having them just stay in here all day long without access to the outside. Pooping and peeing on my floors is a BIG no-no in my book.

So, I'll fork out around $100 for an in-the-wall doggy door, I hope anyway, with this bonus I'm getting next week. The money spent will be the money saved. I'll take this sliding glass door one out and resell it on Craigslist for what I paid for it (try, anyway) and that will be that. I have a little trepidation about cutting a hole in the side of my house - but I've installed these before and it's really not rocket science.

It has cooled down considerably overnight - it's in the low 60's I think right now and isn't supposed to get much warmer than this - up to the mid 60's today. I figure I have it very good considering what others are going through in snow and ice right now : )

Enough for now, have a great Saturday!

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