Wednesday, February 11, 2009


So - another rather long day at work.
But - it wasn't anything like yesterday.
Speculation continues to abound.
I've determined that the speculating has gone on long enough.
What happens - happens. I have thought the scenarios through to the end of every conceivable potential development that might come along - I have thought through my options in every single scenario.
Always remember that roses have thorns.
I'm 99% sure that decisions will be made and will be in the offing.
But what those decisions are, exactly, no clue. Can't lose sleep over something I have no control over.

As the boss said today - keep the place clean and stay busy - with anything. I could sit around for a little while, but I would go stir-crazy. I like staying busy, even if it's mundane work. Home is the place to relax, not work.

So, onto other things.
Because work is so slow, I am not only getting Friday off, the boss offered tomorrow as well. He offered it to the other driver first - but I told him if he declined I would happily take it. I have plenty of hours available for off time. Friday is my paid birthday day, I think I'll use a floating holiday tomorrow.

Happy happy. So - unexpectedly - I have a 4 day weekend starting NOW. Woo-hoooo!

I'm thinking of calling some tax places and find the best price. The first place I went to - well, I hope that ain't the best price, cause if it is, more than I expected.

Took the dogs for a long walk shortly after getting home. I said I was going to start getting the excess nerves out by doing some intense workouts - the walk is hardly just a walk. It's a climb in the mountains and yes, stress is quickly flung off. Not only that, but when I got to the top of one of the mountains, I was very surprised to see the clean air over Phoenix. It's an unusual sight. It was very windy yesterday and that must have blow all that junk out of the valley. More than that - there were several much higher mountains in the distance that were covered with snow including 4-Peaks. Pretty cool.

Leaving the mountain range? A coyote was sitting on the next mountain over and started it's howling/yelping crap. The coyotes around here are little scraggly things, I am not afraid of them. They aren't going to bother giant dogs, either. Even if the dogs aren't vicious, their sheer size will keep coyotes from bothering them. I'm more concerned about javelina than those little puny coyotes. Nasty creatures, javelinas will attack. They don't CARE what the potential prognosis is, especially if they have young. They will defend them at all costs.

My bonus comes Friday on my paycheck. If I can save some of it, I am going to. My bills - not a pretty picture but I'm not so far behind that I'm in serious trouble with anything. I'd like to get some money into the ING account and have that available for summer.

Tomorrow - since I'm home - gonna cook that turkey that's sitting in the fridge, now fully defrosted and ready to cook - just before it starts going bad.

So, I was going to lift weights today, but I did the mountain climb instead. Tomorrow I intend on doing both. I'm also going to call the boss and see if the other driver is going to make a transfer run. If he is, maybe the boss will let him stop by here with the bags of concrete I need - I can't haul 800 pounds of concrete in my car.

As happens frequently, I'm writing an entry and I get interrupted by something. This time - hunger. I've cut back on my eating. Twice a day. Pretty much have done that for a long, long time anyway, just times when I'll go to eating 3 or even 4 times a day. That cycle is over and I'm back to eating twice a day - late morning and early evening. It has nothing to do with dieting - I just don't get hungry until late morning and then I come home from work and several hours later, my stomach's literally growling at me. I'm NOT saying I'm skinny, either. I have a 33 inch waist at 200 pounds right now.

Anyway, I dsecided to try something different. I took 93% lean ground beef, made 3 patties out of half a pound of it. The leaner meat goes much further in cooking and not shrinking until it seems to disappear. I then pushed the meat in the center of each patty to create a bowl effect. I took a large spoonful of bottled, crushed garlic and put that on each patty. I then cut up fresh cilantro into very shredded like appearance. I then took some Worcestershire sauce, dumped healthy amount of that onto each patty and put the cilantro on top of it. I worked all of that into each patty until mixed up.

I then cut up onions and jalapenos, put them in a frying pan with a little oil and cooked those until they were nicely cooked. Took the patties and put them in the same pan. Bunched the onions/jalapenos up into a small part of the pan.

I have never tried it before, but I will definitely be doing it again, and again. It was delicious! Oh, a little ketchup, toasted bread, ranch dressing on top of it all plus I melted cheese on each patty.

I only ate one patty which made me full. A 1/3rd of a half a pound of meat with stuff on top of it made me full after not having had eating since this morning.
Hey, I just read about that stuff that goes on inside your body - you reduce your eating, your stomach shrinks, takes less to make you feel full. Pretty obvious that us Americans could stand to eat FAR less food than we are.

Anyway, I'm offa here, at least this entry.
Have a great evening/day (whenever you read)!

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