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So - another rather long day at work.
But - it wasn't anything like yesterday.
Speculation continues to abound.
I've determined that the speculating has gone on long enough.
What happens - happens. I have thought the scenarios through to the end of every conceivable potential development that might come along - I have thought through my options in every single scenario.
Always remember that roses have thorns.
I'm 99% sure that decisions will be made and will be in the offing.
But what those decisions are, exactly, no clue. Can't lose sleep over something I have no control over.

As the boss said today - keep the place clean and stay busy - with anything. I could sit around for a little while, but I would go stir-crazy. I like staying busy, even if it's mundane work. Home is the place to relax, not work.

So, onto other things.
Because work is so slow, I am not only getting Friday off, the boss offered tomorrow as well. He offered it to the other driver first …