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Friday the Thirteenth/13th

You know it's that day for the superstitious among us. I have my superstitions, but Friday the 13th ain't one of them. I don't expect bad things to happen to me today because of the number of the day and the fact that it's combined with being Friday.

I know many people are, though. Superstitions are weird things. I follow them to the tee when it comes to my casino visits for playing blackjack - an event that isn't happening too much right now cause' - I believe - if you can't afford to lose the money you're gambling, then you can't afford to play. So - right now - I can't afford to play.

I got the gate up, dug another hole and poured the cement for another post for the latch side of the gate - and quit. Lord knows I don't feel like digging more holes in that awful, rocky soil. It's a good workout, no doubt, but I would rather climb those mountains for the workout than fight with ridiculous soil full of rocks.

Ken finally showed …


Another plane crash? DANGGGGG!!
This one was bad, too.
Strange to come out to my computer, get on the net and find this big pic of a house that's engulfed in flames because an aircraft nose-dived into it.

Well, anyway, I'm going to be going outside in a little while and hopefully hooking up that gate to the post. Then figure out where I want the next post, dig that hole, pour that cement and then dig the final hole for the post up against the side of the house. I've determined that I can just grow vines along the entire surface of the fencing and eventually it will be covered up. I have one vine in the perfect spot for one end of the fence, I'm thinking of transplanting another vine away from that shadowed area and put it at the other end.

I went for a LONG hike yesterday. I just about made myself sick climbing up and down those steep mountains. Good workout - yes - and is motivating me to continue on with it. I'm also doing a light workout with the freeweights…