Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday the Thirteenth/13th

You know it's that day for the superstitious among us. I have my superstitions, but Friday the 13th ain't one of them. I don't expect bad things to happen to me today because of the number of the day and the fact that it's combined with being Friday.

I know many people are, though. Superstitions are weird things. I follow them to the tee when it comes to my casino visits for playing blackjack - an event that isn't happening too much right now cause' - I believe - if you can't afford to lose the money you're gambling, then you can't afford to play. So - right now - I can't afford to play.

I got the gate up, dug another hole and poured the cement for another post for the latch side of the gate - and quit. Lord knows I don't feel like digging more holes in that awful, rocky soil. It's a good workout, no doubt, but I would rather climb those mountains for the workout than fight with ridiculous soil full of rocks.

Ken finally showed up. I was sighing some relief. Just that I don't want dead bodies in my house, even if that dead body paid for the room it died in. Gag. My guess was correct: he spent it over at his married girlfriend's house. The husband spends the week in Yuma, apparently.

I was aghast when he told me he was sleeping with her - in THEIR home. What if that guy shows up? I don't care how bad that marriage is, there'll be HELL to pay. How would YOU feel coming to your own home and finding another man sleeping with your wife, even if the marriage ain't too good? Oh yeahhhhhh. Whatever, as long as that s*** doesn't go on around here, I wash my hands of it. I'm telling ya, human emotion over-rides common sense in so many of us so frequently.

I'm getting my motivation up to go out there and dig the last hole for the final post. It'll be even harder than the other holes, cause I have to dig it right up against the block wall that holds the dirt back underneath my house. Fun fun. My son will be at his mother's house in a little while, gonna have to go get him, too. I don't feel like doing anything, honestly. I just wanna hang out and do nothing, but I've got this project going now, I'm gonna finish it.

They've apparently cancelled the rain forecast for this weekend, so I don't HAVE to finish this project today. I'm just feeling lazy.

I'm also wondering how many people are going to be gone. Everytime they've laid off people, it's been several, not just one. The talk was one driver was going to get the axe, but - I suspect they will do more than that. The numbers do not support the size of staff that we have. I don't WANT to see people getting cut, I just think it's going to happen. I believe I've made it through this round - but who knows about any future rounds. Yup, I think about this frequently. I can't help it.

Anyway, guess I'll go out in the sunshine and do a little more digging. It's absolutely gorgeous out today - low 70's, abundant sunshine, just beautful.


Another plane crash? DANGGGGG!!
This one was bad, too.
Strange to come out to my computer, get on the net and find this big pic of a house that's engulfed in flames because an aircraft nose-dived into it.

Well, anyway, I'm going to be going outside in a little while and hopefully hooking up that gate to the post. Then figure out where I want the next post, dig that hole, pour that cement and then dig the final hole for the post up against the side of the house. I've determined that I can just grow vines along the entire surface of the fencing and eventually it will be covered up. I have one vine in the perfect spot for one end of the fence, I'm thinking of transplanting another vine away from that shadowed area and put it at the other end.

I went for a LONG hike yesterday. I just about made myself sick climbing up and down those steep mountains. Good workout - yes - and is motivating me to continue on with it. I'm also doing a light workout with the freeweights - I'll get it going on a regular, full-blown routine after I get my body reaccustomed to that kind of workout. Basically a 3-day per week routine that works different muscle groups on each workout. I'm looking for muscle mass right now, not toning - want to get it back on there and get the metabolism going again to get rid of my "fat reserves". I ain't that fat, but - I really don't want any on my body. I want to get my weight back down into the 180's - right now sitting at 200.

If you want to know one of my worst fears - it's that of getting fat as I get older. I know TOO many guys that put on the pounds and do nothing about it until it's so bad, it'll take a year or more for them to lose all of that, and then only if they're REALLY committed to doing it. Obesity is the American Pandemic - and it's killing us, ridding our bodies with all kinds of different diseases, slowing us down and basically making life miserable for a lot of people. The best thing that could happen to America is that McDonalds; Wendy's; Burger-King; Jack-In-The-Box and all the rest of the fat and calorie laden giants of fast-food just GO OUT OF BUSINESS.

I'm telling you - there is a market for people who want fast food that is GOOD for you. I would gladly visit such an establishment if they could make it fast, still be tasty food and reasonably priced. The calorie glutton fast food joints and their pathetic attempts at making "good" food is ridiculous. That junk is STILL laden with calories - and usually fat calories which are the hardest to get off - takes more energy to burn a fat calorie than it does a protein or carbohydrate calorie.

Plus, fat is stubborn, it doesn't LIKE to go away once it's on your body. Heck, I would love to be able to venture into a fast food market with the concept of fast-food without all the fat calories. I just don't know WHAT one could make that would be fast food. Burgers made with lean ground beef and dump the sauces? That would cost - lean ground beef isn't exactly cheap. Well, for me it is - right now Fry's has it on sale for $1.88 per pound - I intend on getting 8 pounds of it today. Yes, there's a limit of 4 - but again, the management of that store told me to go ahead and just buy the first however many of an on-sale product, pay for it, and then start a new sale and pay for the other 4. I've done it many times - though I've gotten some stares from the clerk running the self-service lanes.

No-one has actually tried to stop me - yet. When they do, I'm going to be pointing at a particular member of management and telling whoever that THEY told me I could do it, and the HE does it himself!

Tomorrow - or Monday depending on when she gets her check and gets it cashed - will define whether Mary stays or not. It's all about the money, honey. I have written up a VERY inclusive rental agreement. It's my standard agreement, and then a LOT of very detailed, very, very clear addendums, additions and stipulations are added. I know, I should be getting rid of her - but as I say, if she comes up with the court judgement, the security deposit, this month's rent - and possibly at least a portion of last month's rent - I'm good with it.

IF this crap ever happens again, she will be paying for her own eviction. I've bluntly told her that right to her face. We ARE getting along very well - right now. History - with Mary - shows that the problems begin with rent issues. More specifically, the work-for-reduced-rent scenario.
The new rental agreement includes verbage that ends any past claims of monies owed to her in terms of rent reductions, that no further legal action can or will be taken (against me), that no liens will be placed upon my house/property for any such, and that any friends/acquaintences she has used is her responsibility, and hers alone, to repay, if there is any such repayment necessary.

When we don't have the rent issues, we don't have issues, basically - excepting the fight with Justine, the deal with waking up Caleb that one morning and a few other oddiities. The new rental agreement has a provision for the video surveillance, and that by signing the agreement, she acknowledges that video surveillance is being used and that she is giving her consent to it awareness of it's use, 24 hours a day. No rental agreement will be given until cash is handed over to me.

My latest CL ad had quite a number of - women - responding. One guy - who doesn't live here, doesn't have a job and - no thanks. In other words, he's moving in from out-of-state and his mother allegedly is going to pay his rent until he gets a job. In this economy, I wouldn't take it for granted that you will be able to find ANY kind of job out there, save minimum wage junk. I certainly am not going to agree to someone coming in here that has none - I don't take his mother's word as gold, as I don't know the woman or her financial situation and can't deal with her in person, since she lives 5 states away.

I can live with Mary - as long as the "stuff" doesn't resurface. There's always the element of give and take in this kind of situation. Speaking of that, Ken, the other roommate - has literally disappeared. I have no idea where he's at, what he's doing. I haven't seen him in 4 days, I think. Mary said that he told her that he lost some hours at work. He is current on rent and will be until Friday of next week. Meanwhile - quite odd that he isn't here. He has, however, started "dating" a woman he has know for a long time.

The problem is that that woman is MARRIED. I want NOTHING to do with any of that. I don't want that woman's husband to find out where I live. "Gunfight At The BenB Corral" - starts at 12:00. I mean, really, what kind of chances is a person taking in dating a married woman? If I were that husband and found out about it, I would NOT be happy, at all. You know what happens, sometimes, with guys that go into a rage, get a weapon and - easy to figure out the rest. The woman has been here a couple of times, but only short visits. WHERE, exactly, Ken is? I have no clue. He can't be staying with her - the hubby's at home. I'm a little concerned - but - not really my problem. If he disappears permanently - maybe we'll see something about on the local news :(

Ahhh, whatever. I have work to do and I'm going to get to doing it. I'm also going to repost my dog sitting ad - I want to get a couple more regulars, if possible, bringing their doggies over here.

C'ya later and have a great day!

Well enough of that - the previous post that is. Excepting that I found out the hard way this morning that there is ammo hoarding going on, ...