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It Is Done

I've worn myself out.
But first: Mary did pay - I shouldn't say I'm shocked, but it is a bit amazing after all we have gone through. So - tomorrow or the next day we'll be signing a new lease agreement.

Umm, so, I did something that I now - don't regret but didn't remember how much work it is.
Throwing a party, that is.
Haven't done it in a long, long time. I guess you could call that shindig at Christmas a party - but it was family only.

No, long ago - like 5 or 6 years ago anyway - I used to frequently throw parties. Masses of people would show up and it would always be a great time.
So, seeing that lean ground beef is on big-time sale, I decided to do a totally crazy thing: Have a Craigslist Foreclosure Party.

I am not being foreclosed on. My payments are late, but not foreclosure late. Every month the payment will get reigned in until it's current. I haven't really talked about it because I have it under control at this point. I'm hoping …


I must have reinstalled the drivers for sound in the wrong sequence - the software is there but it ain't working.
So, I will probably have to reformat the hard drive yet again and start over.
Ceptin' this time I copied and pasted the sequence into an email to myself and I can just get back online after going through - all of that - and try again. I HATE having to reinstall windows. I have it down to as fast an install time as it's going to get - but there are so many things you have to install after it's done.
Internet Explorer 7
Video Surveillance
Kodak Easyshare
On and on. It basically takes a couple of days cause I don't usually feel like sitting here doing it all at once.
Now, if I knew how to find that downloaded junk, get rid of it and try reinstalling, great!
But I don't.
The desire to have sound on the computer is enough to make me want to go through all of this yet again.
Computer geek - I am definitely NOT.
But, at leas…