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The Dynamics Have Changed

Email continues to pour in.
I just don't know what to say about all of this.
This was hardly anything started to get public attention.
REALLY, it wasn't.
The reporter I talked to wants to follow the formation and process of the next party and then finalize it by visiting with the cameras at the actual event.

NOW we're talking: THIS IS CRAZY!!!

It would be one of their "positive" stories aside from the landfill of negativity that floods in every single friggin' day.

The best part of this second event: with all the help, I wouldn't have to pay hardly anything for it! In fact, if only half the money came in that people have committed to giving, it would go FAR beyond anything I ever thought of.

This isn't something I've given a lot of thought to - there ARE certain things in my life that I have done that weren't given 6 months of analytical processes. Parties are fun - the planning is simply how much food and drinks and how is it all going to be …


I'm a little shell-shocked.
I was just going through a bunch more email - one guy is committing to giving $600.00 for the next party. Another will come and do all the cooking. A BUNCH will bring food and drinks.
You have to have more info on this than I've given, I guess.

I wrote a Craigslist Ad that was entitled "Free Sunday Dinner - Foreclosure Party".
In the ad, I wrote that I wasn't personally going into foreclosure, but that there are so many people out there hurting. I went on about how Phoenix used to be a very friendly town - and it was. People used to one another, open and hold doors, go out of their way to help strangers. Now? You get a finger and F U.

I don't get what everyone's so uptight and upset about? I see it in traffic all day long, hostility. I see it at stores and businesses. I hear about it on the news. So that's basically what I wrote.

Now, one of the local news media has picked up on this - from who I have no clue - an…


So, it was official as of today, the other driver was shipped to the main branch in Phoenix and I am now the only driver - again - for the Chandler branch. Which meant, today, that the driving was not split between 2 people and I was busy most of the day, a WELCOME change and I hope it stays that way. Tomorrow there is only one delivery in the system, but that could change overnight. Even so, the big boys are coming tomorrow and whatever free time I have will be spent giving a good sweeping to the warehouses.

The party was a blast! For such an impromptu thing, there were some GREAT people that showed up and spent most of the afternoon here. One older gent had been in more wars or seen action than I can count on both hands worth of fingers. Amazing to hear those war stories. He wouldn't come and say what his rank was, only that he was "higher up" in the ranks and mostly gave out orders but had spent some time visiting troops on the field.

There was a couple of Chin…