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An interesting occurence today at work.
THere is a particular contractor that we are "forced" to deliver to - the guy that runs the show at the site is not a pleasant man. Not at all. I have been delivering to this company, that site and this man for almost the 3 years I have worked at my current company. The man has yelled at me, insulted me, hurled all kinds of nastiness my way - for no good reason and has done the same with other drivers.

He also gets into frequent arguments over the phone with the salesman whose account it belongs to.

Anyway. I'm making a rush delivery - whatever it is they're doing out there, they want this stuff today. The salesman brings the material from downtown to our branch that we don't have, the truck is already loaded, I take off.

This is at an Intel plant where they make microprocessors, so you have to go through the gated entry, turn the truck off, open the hood, give them your driver's license number, on and on. It takes …