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Grilling is such wonderful bliss. A nice, cool day with the breeze blowing, got home from work and cooked up the 6 remaining burger patties on the grill. I just think the taste is so much better than pan frying.

The big boys came through yesterday, toured the property and then left. I wasn't there, us "workers" arrive early and leave early. Getting up early every day is a lifestyle that has it's perks and it's drawbacks. Many people like to stay up late - which I used to, but over the years of getting up as early as 3:00am for work, I have gotten very used to going to bed early and not "missing" anything about the night life - at all.

Anyway, today was pretty good. Because I am the only driver - as I have said in a couple of posts now, I get all the driving work there is to do, it is not divided by 2 drivers and I am busy most of the day - the first 3 days of this so far, anyway. There was no news of what might be on the horizon after the big g…