Thursday, February 19, 2009


Work hasn't slowed down yet, since the other driver was moved to the main branch. What was going to be a slow day turned into something totally different when I arrived at work. A delivery, a pickup and another delivery, then a call after the second delivery that I had to do another pick up, to to the main branch and then do yet another delivery. A couple hundred miles worth of driving and yes, it feels good to feel like I'm working again.

I'm a bit out of it - I decided to start that fast that I've been considering doing. I've done many of them before, but it's been quite a while since I've been on one and - definitely not the easiest thing in the world. I've found that if I fast long enough, my head clears out, I start to feel MUCH better and the body clears itself of toxins. I also sleep better, amazingly enough.

However, the empty belly grumbling and making noises isn't the funnest thing in the world. I do not plan on doing a long one this time - I'm just not used to it anymore. I'm going to try 3 days and then go off of it, and then come back and do another one - longer - in a few weeks or even a month off. Although - if I make it 3 days - a strange phenomenon occurs where the hunger basically goes away. Doesn't do much for energy levels, though. I think my longest was 10 days. The benefits are always worth the sacrfice of not eating or drinking anything but water.

I will probably go to bed much earlier than normal tonight just because of the fact I have little energy.

I have heard nothing new at work - yet - about the meeting the big wigs had with our local management. That certainly doesn't mean that decisions weren't made - who knows. I'm just waiting to see what, if anything, may happen. The company is all about cutting costs right now - obviously as all companies are - I just know that the labor pool is not exempt from that cost-cutting campaign.

Anyway, sometime in the next 2 days I have to put a fresh coat of paint in that empty bedroom for the short-term tenant, who is showing up - well probably not until Monday, actually. She was going to come in on Sunday night, but it won't be until after 10:00pm, far too late for me. She'll stay at a friend's until Monday and then come over. However, I am going to have the room prepared before that - never know if a person might show up early.

The rent money from her is going to installing a doggy door in the wall in the utility room to prepare this place for summer. I want that done now. I do NOT want to just let it go and then not get it done, the amount of cooling lost through the current door is substantial. Of course, I'm not cooling the place, so it doesn't matter. I'm not heating it, either. Pretty much a foregone conclusion I ain't coming up with the money for an awning, this is the next best thing.

Anyway, gonna keep this one "short" - gotta go out and clean up dog dung before it gets dark.

C'yall - whenever - have a great evening!

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