Friday, February 20, 2009


Okay, okay, I give, I totally give!!!!
I made it almost 48 hours without eating.
A good start.
I'll be trying again soon - go at least 72 hours.
And again, and again, until I get used to this fasting business again and
then go on the 10 cleansing deal.

Right now? I stopped at a Mexican grocery store and bought up some carne asada chicken. It's a marinade they make and it's absolutely delicious. I'm going to - try to eat slowly but I'm famished and am ready to eat just about ANYTHING. I was thinking about grilling it - but I decided to pan-fry it instead. I don't want to lose any of the marinade and it's really made for pan-frying, anyway, cause it has veggies added into it. It should be delicious. Of course, after you have been fasting, just about ANYTHING is delicious. Spam? Tastes like steak. Lol.

So, I got an email from my dad today. They had this reunion all planned for Sierra Vista, next month.
Nixxxxxxx that one.
Now, they want to do it in North Carolina where my Aunt Gini lives - I forget which town - Hendersonville? I was looking forward to meeting my uncle Bob again - but I guess that isn't going to happen, because I can pretty much foresee the future right now: There's now WAY I'm going to be able to swing enough money for airfare, hotels, eating and whatever else they have planned. It just isn't even on the table right now, much less in the cards. I have things I need to get done around my house that take priority as well. I'm afraid that their lives are going to pass, and all I'll have of them are childhood memories.

Them being my aunts and uncles. They are mostly in their 80's now - they are still in decent health, amazingly, but - no-one lives forever. My cousins will be there as well. I hate missing it, cause I won't get to be with relatives I haven't seen - well most of them since I was less than 10 years old. My uncle Bob I saw when I was 16. I also absolutely LOVE North Carolina. I haven't been there in ages - memory a little sketchy - but I remember liking the place. Well, who knows, maybe some financial miracle will occur between now and then, for now, I'm not confirming anything or even replying to the email, no point in it.

I have an agenda for this weekend: Not too terribly much, actually. Oh, yes I do now that I remember. I have to paint that bedroom. But it's just plain white and I figure to knock that out in, what, a couple of hours? Whatever, it doesn't need a thick coating, just enough to cover up some wall scrapes and things. I also have to finish that chain link fence I started and haven't finished yet. THAT will be a chore, undoubtedly.

In fact, now that I think about it, the weekend is filled up. I don't WANT too many honey-do's without the honey, I really don't like filling up entire weekends with stuff to do without giving some time to rest, kick back, relax. Okay, I do like to keep moving - but it's okay to sit down an relax here and there.

Shrinking stomach effect: I just ate a very small amount of chicken and I'm stuffed. A nice side effect. You don't eat? Your stomach shrinks, you feel and get full quickly. I'll get my energy back by tomorrow and plan on hitting the weights in full force.

Anyway, I'm just out of it. The food converting to energy should take care of that soon enough, however, for right now, I'll be seein' ya'll later!

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