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Okay, okay, I give, I totally give!!!!
I made it almost 48 hours without eating.
A good start.
I'll be trying again soon - go at least 72 hours.
And again, and again, until I get used to this fasting business again and
then go on the 10 cleansing deal.

Right now? I stopped at a Mexican grocery store and bought up some carne asada chicken. It's a marinade they make and it's absolutely delicious. I'm going to - try to eat slowly but I'm famished and am ready to eat just about ANYTHING. I was thinking about grilling it - but I decided to pan-fry it instead. I don't want to lose any of the marinade and it's really made for pan-frying, anyway, cause it has veggies added into it. It should be delicious. Of course, after you have been fasting, just about ANYTHING is delicious. Spam? Tastes like steak. Lol.

So, I got an email from my dad today. They had this reunion all planned for Sierra Vista, next month.
Nixxxxxxx that one.
Now, they want to do it in Nor…