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There doesn't seem to be...........

..........any lack of "things" going on around here on any given day.
Now, I've spent a good portion of today working on attempting to figure out a totally unknown realm of this thing called a "Home Wireless Network". I had NO clue that the rather expensive modem for this thing I bought some time ago actually has a built in wireless router!

I found that out earlier. The old router that that tenant left behind was a piece of garbage. I actually had to reformat the computer AGAIN because I did "something" to it that - no clue. Just lost internet and it wouldn't come back up. Some settings were changed and that was that.

Well, I'm fooling with that and decided to BBQ some fresh chicken breast I bought on sale yesterday. Got that stuff going, came back inside. Heard a loud crashing noise outside and went out the back door. There's a 70 foot tall pine tree in my neighbor's back yard. Part of it overhangs my yard. It's a nice t…


I've spent literally hours trying to figure out how to get this in-home network going. The only thing I can figure out is that there is some sort of code that needs to be updated or changed to a new code. Apparently it does it by itself - but I haven't got a friggin' clue HOW to do it. And - I gave up. Ken - my roommate - has a friend at work who is coming over here after work today to try to figure it out for him/me. I cannot get a "Wizard" to pop up to install the setup, I have tried to install it manually - nothing works. I even got lost in all of it and didn't have internet access on THIS computer for a short time.

Whatever. I just received notice in my mailbox that for 2010, my property assessed value is going to TRIPLE. Well - it hasn't really been updated since my house burned down and I put this house on here - which is worth far more than their assessed value, so I ain't gonna dispute it. It might to UP if I do that. They're sa…


Success! Reformatted the harddrive, downloaded the drivers correctly - and I have sound again.
Of course, now I have to call Microsoft again and have them validate this edition of Microsoft Windows.
My roommate bought a new computer last night - I was trying to figure out how to set up the router so that it would work. I have no clue. I mean, I hooked it up the way it was set up before - but I cannot get a signal to start emitting for the other computer to pick up. This is out of my area of "expertise", as I have not set up the routers that were being used before. I'm fairly sure there must be a disc that comes with them - this one doesn't have one.

Going to the website of the manufacturer - I just gave up last night as I was tired and wanted to get to bed. I have spent no little amount of time this morning getting the computer set back up the way I want it. Surveillance software; Avast! spyware; installing IE7 with tabs - I love Internet Explorer with tabs!; …