Sunday, February 22, 2009


Geeze. I was going to just paint a couple of walls - I ended up painting the entire room, trim and all. Whatta pain. Not only that, it's low 70's here today and I was sweating my @$$ off doing that painting. WELL worth the effort - there were a lot of scuff marks all over those walls and now - just 100% better.

However, my hat's off to Bobby/Fujific - if I recall correctly he wrote a little while back about going over to his father-in-law's house and painting - well I think it was the entire interior of the house in 2 or 3 days?!!! Lol. I could have continued on with more rooms, but man - that must have wiped him out after that much work!

Anyway, I had some leftover paint in the paint holder so I went around the house covering up spots - dogs/people/things - having had scraped up against the walls. I find I have to do that once in a while. It's much easier than trying to clean that junk off of there, the color is the same so I only have to do the spots that are affected and it took very little paint to accomplish the task - plus it makes the house look so much better.

Nothing like several glasses of ice filled water to refresh and rejuvenate.
I have half a mind to go out there and start stretching the chain link and finish that project as well. Unfortunately, the other half of my mind is saying to take it easy, kick back, relax.

Yeah, right. I have laundry to do, I still have more cleaning chores to finish and I can never not do it. I find I MUST clean up my house regardless of how I feel.

I was counting the money in my pockets today and found I had a LOT more in there than I realized. Like almost $100 more. Ken paid rent on Friday - but it wasn't that much money and I honestly don't remember having had that much more in there before he paid the rent. The only thing that does for me is help me pay up yet another bill - which is okay.

You know, I never did get around to making that breakfast I had in mind to make this morning - I found that I had to go to Home Depot and get a few painting supplies and totally forgot about eating. My stomach, however, has decided to start grumbling - loudly.

Think I'll go make that meal : )


Fortunately for me, I'm feeling much more motivated today than I did yesterday - meaning I hope that lasts for another several hours while I get started on and finish painting that room. A light coat of the same paint that's already on the walls doesn't take too terribly much time to do, and the room will look very nice when done. There have been 3 tenants in that room since I moved into this house and I haven't painted it at all. There's just some scratches and marks that I would like to cover up.

Corned beef hash with fried eggs and coffee. That's what's en-queue for my Sunday morning breakfast.

I love Sunday mornings - it's nice and quiet. I threw the dogs out and am making them stay out there for a few hours anyway. It's overcast today - it's a perfect, serene atmopshere right now. Boys went to bed LATE last night, like 3:30 am - I won't be seeing anything of them probably until noon anyway.

So, I await the arrival of the newest tenant. I have her check already. I haven't and wont' cash it until she views the place, makes sure she likes it and signs the rental contract - that I still need to print out here pretty quick.

That's it - for now, I want to get to making that delicious breakfast : )
Happy Sunday!

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