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A few things have occured since my last posting.

First, the new tenant showed up - check in hand. I already had a check from her from before, but it was for too much money so I just held it for her til' she got here. She was supposed to be moving in today - there is nothing in her room. Which didn't stop me from cashing the check. I think she's busy unloading the giant U-Haul truck that she paid someone to drive down here.

Anyway, she's here for a month or two at most, according to her. From this point forth, I intend on just getting some short-term renters in there. Off and on. If we get a little tired of 3 renters, take a month off - if I can even afford that - and then get someone else in there. Plenty of market for short-term rentals in this area.

As much as the economy is tanking, education is taking off. People are registering in droves for grant money to get through college - at least according to Mary.

Second, I got through to my mortgage company agai…