Monday, February 23, 2009


A few things have occured since my last posting.

First, the new tenant showed up - check in hand. I already had a check from her from before, but it was for too much money so I just held it for her til' she got here. She was supposed to be moving in today - there is nothing in her room. Which didn't stop me from cashing the check. I think she's busy unloading the giant U-Haul truck that she paid someone to drive down here.

Anyway, she's here for a month or two at most, according to her. From this point forth, I intend on just getting some short-term renters in there. Off and on. If we get a little tired of 3 renters, take a month off - if I can even afford that - and then get someone else in there. Plenty of market for short-term rentals in this area.

As much as the economy is tanking, education is taking off. People are registering in droves for grant money to get through college - at least according to Mary.

Second, I got through to my mortgage company again, and only waited a few minutes! Yeehaw! Oh, well anyway, I asked about a loan modification. I am less then 30 days late, so I don't qualify for that. The lady said I will qualify on the 1st of March. The options are to have the past due balance put on the end of the loan; or, repayment of the past due amount extra on each mortgage payment (like I can afford that) - I don't remember what the other was. The only one that appealed to me was putting the past-due amount onto the end of the loan.

Anyway, I then asked about refinancing. "Midland Mortgage company is only a loan servicing center, we don't refinance loans". I started to say that I saw on your website.....OH, yes sir, we ARE refinancing mortgages in Arizona. She transferred me to that department - who never answered. I have to go through them to get to the refi department, they won't give you the direct number. Gag. Get my interest rate down 2%? Talking hundreds of dollars a month in savings. Well, it'd be $200 per month off the payment, at least. NO, it would be more than that. It's amazing how just a couple of interest points can make such a huge difference - but only on house loans, on something like a car loan - not a huge difference.

Weed battle out back is ridiculous. I lightly water them so they will more easily pull out - roots included. Seems like 3 more show up in it's place. I can't spray weed poison or my plants will die. Only recourse - file yet another complaint against my neighbors. They have 3 foot tall weeds and grass over there, and it's all coming this way. I am SO tired of the way those people live. For the purposes of keeping the yards cleaned up and at least some kind of landscaping out front, I would love to have a homeowner's association in here. For most other purposes - I would not. It would never fly. Have to have 3/4's of the neighborhood's property owners sign off on it. WAY too many people opposed to such a thing. I understand - they can become VERY abusive, reckless with power.

Anyway, I just got through doing some weightlifting, plus digging up more weeds, plus watering the plants out back. Have to ask Mary if she's been watering out front - ground looks dry, doesn't look like she has. I'm going to develop my chest, tri's, bi's, quads, lats and other muscle groups - the set up I got for Caleb for Christmas has attachments for that. I'm shooting for 3, maybe 4 days a week. Nothing too intense to start. Can't believe how much muscle mass I have lost - I can't lift half of what I used to be able to. I guess that's what happens when you stop working out for 4 years.

The house is warm - it got warm today - around 85 degrees.

Well, anyway. I'm just WISHING I had money or credit right now. There are houses less than half a mile away going for less then 50k. One is a 1,500 square foot house that has 3 bedrooms and 2 baths going for $39,000.00. 2 years ago, ALL houses in that subdivision were going for a minimum 200k. The mortgage on $39,000.00? I could rent the place for $500 and pay the mortgage and still make money off of it.

Enough. I have some other things to get done and I don't really want to sit here too long before getting it done. Just want to keep moving.

C'ya later.

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