Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I flat wore those dogs out today. I went much further back into that mountain range than I have been with those dogs, then started some serious climbing. About an hour of non-stop, rigorous climbing and hiking. Got back from that and started throwing the weights around. Got done with that and did my normal outdoor chores in cleaning up dog poop and pulling even MORE weeds.

Now? I flat wore MYSELF out, too! I just ate a light meal and will not eat again until tomorrow, making it a 2-meal day at around 1,200 calories. At the rate I move around at work and hiking, I'm burning at least 3,000 calories a day. Plus I'm lifting weights now, meaning I'm going to start consuming more protein for muscle mass building. The biggest goal is to build muscle mass, increase metabolism and burn fat. I'm not an obese person, but - I've just been on a downslide to the over-weight market since my house burned down. I can explain why I started gaining weight back then, I have no such excuses now and I'm getting pretty serious about this workout regimen.

The newest tenant has already put in a bid on a condo somewhere. She went to the place she thought she wanted to live - after viewing one of them she said the place was so small, it was no bigger than the room we are in (my utility room, which is pretty small!). She's a neat lady - nice to find good tenants without all the drama queen crap. She has money which means she isn't mooching anything and actually gave me a huge bottle of joint stuff for the dogs and offered to buy a bag of Kirkland dog food from Costco. I said sure, please get me the dog food, but I won't be taking freebies - I'll pay you back.

So, she and Mary went walking out - to go eat dinner somewhere and then to Costco. If only ALL tenants could be THAT easy to live with! Apparently Mary and this lady have made instant friends. They were out here gabbing for what seemed like hours last night - I can keep up with them, but I most certainly did not feel like it. Mary seems to be pretty good at keeping friends even after the living arrangements are over.

Surprisingly, I am STILL getting calls from people out of state that want to move here and need a temporary place to stay. Apparently not too many renters are intereted in that. I wouldn't be, either, but this is "discretionary" income. It isn't, really, but it's a third tenant and the money I get from that can go to getting things done around here. The money she gave me a few days ago is going to buy a doggy door. $125 for the door and I'm going to have it installed by a professional - on the side - for $50.00. This is a "rough weather" door that has two flaps in it and is MUCH larger than the one I have in my kitchen - the Danes will fit through it easier. The biggest bonus is it's an in-the-wall style and I can put it in the utility room. It seems like a lot of money just for dogs - but it isn't really that bad. I figure I'll save at least that much money in cooling costs this summer by having that installed in a room that doesn't have cooling anyway. The AC won't have to work near as hard to keep it cool in here - that's the goal of course.

The only mistake I made with this tenant is I offered $100 off the first month's rent. I won't be doing that in the future with the 3rd room. I'm doing them a favor by giving them temporary shelter at MUCH less cost than if you were staying at a hotel. I'm also doing them a favor in taking the risk of letting them come in here, sight unseen - though I did talk to this woman at-length on the phone before committing to letting her stay, and I did get the $200 security deposit IN ADVANCE.

Well, I'm learning this stuff, is all I can say. Not a master yet, but I'm going to get there eventually. I can just about guarantee that some day in the future, I will be renting out homes. This isn't get-rich quick, but it is a second income. It's a way out of working until I'm 75. People need a place to live, many people can't get their own home. It will be a couple of years, I'm guessing, before I get my credit score up high enough to warrant a bank allowing for a second mortgage. Plus probably need a good down payment.

Anyway, don't want to get too looking too far in the future - but it IS good to set goals for oneself and get on track to doing whatever it takes to realize those goals, even if the fruition of it is years down the road. I'm pretty much a goal-driven person - I fade and whither away without them. This property is still a goal in prgress - the goal to get everything done that I want done. Landscaping, ceramic tile, the rest of the ceiling fans, some better "window treatments" they call them - appearance stuff.

Do you set goals? Do you follow through with them until you realize and experience the fulfillment of them? What drives you?


It's starting to get warmer. 85 right now. Come home to a house that's about 95 inside. Yup, had to break down and turn on the AC. But only for a few hours until the sun goes down and then it will cool off again. It's far too early to start warming up this much. We're not even out of February. I remember years in recent history where it was cold all the way up to April, then it started warming up, May starts getting warmer until the peak of June - when literally all hell breaks loose.

I'm kinda waiting til' it cools down at least a little to take the dogs for a walk. I noticed that even with what I've been doing, I'm still putting on fat - slowly, but - I want to reverse that totally. It's obvious that I'm going to have to step it up. I'm all for it - I just wanted to ease back into heavy workouts instead of jumping right back into it. I mostly only drink water and some coffee, with a little milk here and there. I'm eating twice a day - I eat well on those two times, yes, but the first meal is a large salad with all kinds of veggies and some ham. The second meal is whatever I want, but quantities are not large as I'm not that hungry after that first meal.

Admittedly, my workouts have been fairly light. The mountain climbing is good, but the duration isn't long enough for the intended result - only because I am concerned the Danes won't be able to handle it, keel over and croak, otherwise known as a heart attack. I figure, though, that I can start going on a little longer walk at this point. I want them to be in good enough shape that by summer, they aren't going to be dying out there if I walk them. If they do, I'll be going without the dogs and they will just have to stay home. As it stands, evne if they can handle it pretty well, I'm going to have to get a dog cargo pack for one of the Danes and make him carry water for everyone.

Regardless, I will get my workouts back to where they used to be, I just don't think it a good idea to suddenly start cranking out as if you're in top condition. I've heard of people actually dying from heart attacks because they start too fast, too hard, too much, too soon. When I was younger, wouldn't think twice. Start getting a little older - will definitely think twice about it.

Now that I'm facing warm enough days to warrant the use of AC, I am going to have to install that new doggie door soon. Like this weekend soon.

Plus so many other things I would love to get done around here but for want of one thing: Money, honey.

Anyway, today at work was good. Busy enough to stay busy and not have to try and invent things to do. Tomorrow is looking pretty good as well, at least for half the day. After that, who knows. It seems that stuff comes up at the last moment quite often nowadays. Contractors wait until just at or before the time they need materials to have them delivered. Before? They'd order the whole project's worth of materials at one fell swoop, it would all be delivered out there at the beginning of the project and any subsequent visits would just be for things they didn't foresee, such as engineers or city inspectors making changes on a site's plans.

I'm a wee bit tired and want to take a short nap before I go on the walk.

C'ya later!

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