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I flat wore those dogs out today. I went much further back into that mountain range than I have been with those dogs, then started some serious climbing. About an hour of non-stop, rigorous climbing and hiking. Got back from that and started throwing the weights around. Got done with that and did my normal outdoor chores in cleaning up dog poop and pulling even MORE weeds.

Now? I flat wore MYSELF out, too! I just ate a light meal and will not eat again until tomorrow, making it a 2-meal day at around 1,200 calories. At the rate I move around at work and hiking, I'm burning at least 3,000 calories a day. Plus I'm lifting weights now, meaning I'm going to start consuming more protein for muscle mass building. The biggest goal is to build muscle mass, increase metabolism and burn fat. I'm not an obese person, but - I've just been on a downslide to the over-weight market since my house burned down. I can explain why I started gaining weight back then, I have…


It's starting to get warmer. 85 right now. Come home to a house that's about 95 inside. Yup, had to break down and turn on the AC. But only for a few hours until the sun goes down and then it will cool off again. It's far too early to start warming up this much. We're not even out of February. I remember years in recent history where it was cold all the way up to April, then it started warming up, May starts getting warmer until the peak of June - when literally all hell breaks loose.

I'm kinda waiting til' it cools down at least a little to take the dogs for a walk. I noticed that even with what I've been doing, I'm still putting on fat - slowly, but - I want to reverse that totally. It's obvious that I'm going to have to step it up. I'm all for it - I just wanted to ease back into heavy workouts instead of jumping right back into it. I mostly only drink water and some coffee, with a little milk here and there. I'm eating t…