Thursday, February 26, 2009


Started at 5:45 am this morning and didn't stop until the work day was over - at 2:30. Doesn't sound like much? Most of the work I was doing, when I wasn't driving all over creation, was very physical. Strike that: ALL of the work I was doing was very, very physical and very draining. I did not get a break and had time to run into a store, get a small hotdog, wolf that down and move on. Hot dogs may not be so great on a "diet", but having one small one and having only had that - not a big deal.

Famished when I came home, I got out the pork chops and also a package of chicken breasts - both packages say it's past the use-by date but the chicken didn't smell - which is the only test I do or need for chicken - and the pork chops only one day. Pork chops were wonderful - with peas and gravy, chicken is still cooking. I won't be eating the chicken today, just cooking it. Might take some to work with me tomorrow - definitely have some for dinner tomorrow afternoon.

I'm totally wiped out and I'm debating on the hike today. Go take a nap after that chicken is done cooking and then see if I can handle it. If not - again - I worked hard today. I don't know if it takes the place of a sustained workout - probably not so much, but - it was definitely enough to physically drain me.

One more day.......tomorrow is not going to be easier. A huge return with all kinds of product - I saw the printout. At least one delivery and that can always change by morning.

Anyway, I have no news of anything in particular. I could go on about the usual things, but I won't. I'm going to take that nap and probably - not do the hike thing today. Won't beat myself up about it, either. I intend on doing it tomorrow afternoon and then early Saturday and maybe early Sunday. My goal is 5 days a week worth, not every single day. Mary's friend is here and I want to see if he will install that doggy door this weekend. I would like to get that behind me and move onto something else.

The chicken looks delicious - too bad I'm quite full and I don't need to be eating anything else right now.

C'ya later!

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