Friday, February 27, 2009


Today was another ****buster.
Actually, I got a call from the boss this morning while I was getting ready to go to work.
My alarm didn't go off and I didn't get out of bed until 5 minutes before I am supposed to be at work and logged onto the computer system. I find out my co-worker isn't coming in so there's no-one there. A big deal? Only if someone happens to show up for supplies. Which happens, even that early.

I raced there and found - no-one waiting for supplies, which doesn't mean someone didn't come, saw the place closed and left. Oh well, stuff happens.

Anyway, it was a draining, extremely physical day. I had to do a return - an entire semi's worth. I did 75% of the physical labor - which was not light at all. Everything out on that job site was heavy stuff they were returning. Took almost 2 hours for that. I got that stuff back and then ended up cranking out to Queen Creek. Another load of heavy stuff, I had to hand unload it, no machinery there to offload. Get that done and get back to the yard and had to unload the semi that I loaded at the job site this morning.

I have no need for any further physical exercise today, I got PLENTY at work. I have no energy to go hiking up into the mountains, even though I was definitely going to do so after work today. I will get up early tomorrow morning and take the dogs for a LONG hike back in there - it will be cool and the dogs won't get winded so quickly. I will also do my chest and other muscle grouping workout tomorrow - this time a much more strenuous session by using heavier weights.

Mary paid me just a bit ago. I always have to include that event whenever it occurs. That is going to pay for the doggy door and installation.

Well, actually I already have that paid for. That, actually, is going to go into my savings account. The rest is paying bills, buying food, gas, you know the routine.

I'm totally exhausted and at least for this entry, I'm done.

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