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Today was another ****buster.
Actually, I got a call from the boss this morning while I was getting ready to go to work.
My alarm didn't go off and I didn't get out of bed until 5 minutes before I am supposed to be at work and logged onto the computer system. I find out my co-worker isn't coming in so there's no-one there. A big deal? Only if someone happens to show up for supplies. Which happens, even that early.

I raced there and found - no-one waiting for supplies, which doesn't mean someone didn't come, saw the place closed and left. Oh well, stuff happens.

Anyway, it was a draining, extremely physical day. I had to do a return - an entire semi's worth. I did 75% of the physical labor - which was not light at all. Everything out on that job site was heavy stuff they were returning. Took almost 2 hours for that. I got that stuff back and then ended up cranking out to Queen Creek. Another load of heavy stuff, I had to hand unload it, no machine…