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Just got up - and yes I intend on taking those dogs for that walk in 15 minutes or so, currently pumping large quantities of caffeine into my blood stream via the legal, caffeine containing drink called coffee (with cream, no sugar, please).

For whatever reason, on one of my Craigslist ads, someone got hold of someone who told someone about this dinner thing - and then contacted me asking if I had anything for a certain person with 2 kids that she knows who is broke, has no transportation, the whole 9 yards of a story.

Although it may be wrong, I normally want to speak to the person myself, not go through 20,000 people - I am about as expert as it comes to figuring out whether people are telling the truth about their situation - or if - after speaking to them long enough - you find holes in their story. I've been doing the "food giveaway" stuff for 25 years now. Your gut tells you things sometimes if you listen to that particular part of your instincts.

For the nays…