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Since the wall doggy door was posing so many problems in just buying one - I went back out again to the stores: Petsmart; Lowe's and Home Depot. Walmart had a cheap junk thing that looks like it will fall apart quickly, so I counted that out.

Lowe's had a super extra large door and so I opted for that. It's bigger than the one I have now, the price tag was $105 and change after taxes. I stopped by Home Depot on the way home and was looking at their extra large door. It's smaller than the super extra large, but I thought it big enough for the Danes, and is a little bigger than the door I have now.

I about-faced back to Lowe's, got my money back - though they offered to sell theirs at the same price IF I had "proof" of how much Home Depot's was going for (yes, sir, I always carry around information like that in print, just let me get that out of my back pocket here, holeonaminute) - went back to Home Depot and bought that door for fully $50 cheape…


Can you believe it's March already?
I'm not really wanting all the cool months to pass by so quickly - every year, I get less and less tolerant of the AZ summer heat. Pretty much at the point where I would just love to up and say buh-bye to this place - forever. If I didn't have all the ties holding me here, I guarantee you I would be gone.

Not to mention the fact that I am also employed - doing anything that would disrupt that at this moment in time would be very - stupid I think. I probably couldn't sell this house for what I owe on it, and even if I did, I definitely would not qualify for another home loan in this economic environment.

No, I've settled in. Tomorrow, if I want, I can call the mortgage company back up and ask them for the FHA thing where they stick the past due payment on the end of the loan. I will be doing that, oh yes, I will. No matter how long it takes on the phone, I will be calling them and asking them to go ahead and do this for me. I…