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I finished the gate portion of the fence today and have the fence actually hooked up. I removed the temporary fence and now it looks 100% better. A pain in the rear of unprecedented proportions - I just think of how bad other people have it right now and find myself glad for having to endure such "pains". I just have the line that runs along the bottom of the chain link - stretch it tight and dogs cannot simply push their way through the bottom of the fence.

I just sold the old sliding-glass-door doggy door for $25. I originally bought it for $60 if memory serves correctly. I could've gotten more out of it, but the flap is broken and those flaps are $40. So, I was happy to get rid of the thing and this guy that took it was very happy - at least by the look on his face - to have gotten it at such a cheap price. New? $140.00 One man's junk - another man's treasure.

Well not much else, I just had those things and am working on the next party. I have somew…


Beautiful out.
In fact, a bit cool.
Just been sitting here looking at stories on the internet.
Apparently Obama wants to get friendly with Cuba.......

I've had a couple of replies to my latest CL ad for a roommate.
One is out of state - something didn't feel right about that one so I moved onto the next. This one? Who knows. I wrote them back and am awaiting a reply - I invited them to come over and tour the property. I've had several that had replied to the ad before this one - but too much time has passed. That ad was placed when I got the current roommate in.

I have altered my ad as well. Now, the rent is lower at $325 per month, but I am now asking for 1/3rd utilities. I think people may be wary about having to pay an unknown cost for utilities, though, so I may have to revert back to a flat fee per month. I am just trying this ad out to see if there's any kind of interest. I can always place another one. The room won't be empty until the 16th, and then I…