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Tuesday (and Monday?)

Not sure what happened to Monday - I got home I think the new tenant wanted to celebrate that fact that the home inspection came back with only one thing wrong with the house: old ceiling fans that are falling apart. Considering the price she paid for the place, I would hardly call that a setback.

Then I got involved with cleaning the kitchen up real nice for a prospective new tenant's tour of the property - who never showed.

The guy apparently called back today to my landline and talked to Michael - the boys are on spring break. Of course, Michael is in his own little world and doesn't ask to take a message, so the guy said he would call back later.

Meanwhile, someone else wrote me 3 emails today about the room, so I wrote back on that and hope to hear something.

I just got back from the dog walk. I haven't been going every single day - but then again - that wasn't my initial goal. My initial goal is to just get started doing it and do at least 4 days a week. I f…