Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tuesday (and Monday?)

Not sure what happened to Monday - I got home I think the new tenant wanted to celebrate that fact that the home inspection came back with only one thing wrong with the house: old ceiling fans that are falling apart. Considering the price she paid for the place, I would hardly call that a setback.

Then I got involved with cleaning the kitchen up real nice for a prospective new tenant's tour of the property - who never showed.

The guy apparently called back today to my landline and talked to Michael - the boys are on spring break. Of course, Michael is in his own little world and doesn't ask to take a message, so the guy said he would call back later.

Meanwhile, someone else wrote me 3 emails today about the room, so I wrote back on that and hope to hear something.

I just got back from the dog walk. I haven't been going every single day - but then again - that wasn't my initial goal. My initial goal is to just get started doing it and do at least 4 days a week. I failed last week by only doing 3. I intend on doing 4 this week and now have 1/4th of it over with. In the 3 or 4 weeks I have been doing this, I am already feeling a significant change. I can hike the steep mountains I have been going up much easier and getting less winded at the top.

I am only pumping iron twice a week - and though that isn't really a lot, I'm also seeing small - but visible - results with that as well. Again, the goal was simply to get started back into it. Going full tilt - I just wouldn't have lasted. I wanted to get started before summer gets here - I would never have started in the summertime. I don't know about the mountain hikes in the summer, either. Don't want to hike in there when it's dark - but it's too hot during the time of day that I can do it. Even packing water I don't wonder if the dogs wouldn't be able to handle it.

Right now, Duke is totally winded. That dog is totally out of shape. He loves the walks, but he starts lagging and I have to tug the chain and give him commands to keep up.

There is nothing new going on at work - which is a good thing. Considering the daily parade of bad news in the media - cepting Citibank's report today - it's fine by me to not hear of any more lay offs - at least for now. Our parent company is dumping an entire building supply company. Our store's sales are down - all of the stores in the division I work for in our state are down. WAY down.

I really have nothing else. I'm just working on getting another tenant in here, and at least the current respondants are not fakes/scammers/frauds.

So, with that, I must be getting on with other things as daylight is running out and I want to do some work before it gets dark.

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