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I haven't been writing a heckuva a lot lately, and there's a reason for it.
Unfortunately, it's not something that I want to write on an open blog for the world to see - an issue I have been dealing with since I got divorced. Nothing illegal, nothing to do with tenants, kids, dogs, whatever. Purely a personal issue. The only thing I can say is it is an unbelievable battle that I'm not even sure how I got into in the first place.

It's been consuming my thoughts.

THEN, you compound it with tenant issues and other things going on and the whole scene is right out of a horror flick. The newest tenant is closing on her home Friday - that's a good thing. I pretty much hit it off with this lady - she has a lot of work to do around her house that she asked if I would come over and do - for pay of course. Hey, it's mostly stuff that I have experience in doing, and a few extra bucks isn't going to hurt me anything right now.

There is now allegations that this…