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New tenant gone. She moved her stuff out of the room today, unbeknownst to me, until she called. Like 10 seconds ago. She is coming over to give me the keys to the house/room.

There are other things, but I'm just not going to go there on this journal.

My stupid, moronic decision to bring another woman into this house is predicated by the fact that I need money. It's really the end of it. I'm a dumbass, oh well. I'm stupid, retarded, and a freak of nature. I must be.

Regardless of my ignorance, and the laughability of it, I will be writing her and announcing the fact that the room will be available - Sunday. I will go in there tomorrow, look around and see if the carpet needs cleaning.

Oh, the fact that I lost all my overtime hours at work - a substantial chunk of change shouldn't mean anything to particular readers, I'm bringing in another woman. You know what?

I won't say it.

I will say that this person has a nice doggy. She is very quiet, …


Dang, I missed another entry.
Things got a little heated up around here - I washed my hands of it and disappeared into my bedroom.
Basically, the tenant that is leaving got into it with Mary last night, and was yelling at her some things that - I won't repeat here.
However, it turns out, the newer tenant isn't exactly a barrel full of truth and honesty.
I only say that because after it was all done - including Mary banging on my door asking for me to "do something about this" (I referred her to the police) - I went back out because I heard some banging noises outside. It was 9:30 so I thought it a little late for the neighbors to be making that much noise - but that's exactly what it was.

However, I heard some people talking out in front of the house, so I walked up to the gate and looked through a crack in the slats of the gate. There was the new tenant and Ken - my other roommate - smoking a joint, in front of the house, on the street, in open view! Mind you…