Friday, March 13, 2009

New tenant gone. She moved her stuff out of the room today, unbeknownst to me, until she called. Like 10 seconds ago. She is coming over to give me the keys to the house/room.

There are other things, but I'm just not going to go there on this journal.

My stupid, moronic decision to bring another woman into this house is predicated by the fact that I need money. It's really the end of it. I'm a dumbass, oh well. I'm stupid, retarded, and a freak of nature. I must be.

Regardless of my ignorance, and the laughability of it, I will be writing her and announcing the fact that the room will be available - Sunday. I will go in there tomorrow, look around and see if the carpet needs cleaning.

Oh, the fact that I lost all my overtime hours at work - a substantial chunk of change shouldn't mean anything to particular readers, I'm bringing in another woman. You know what?

I won't say it.

I will say that this person has a nice doggy. She is very quiet, I spent an hour with her in this kitchen of mine. She is very moral, this came out quickly, not because she SAID she was moral, just the way she was talking.

Now? I'm going to go bath in a tub full of ignorance bath salts, because, I am quite stupid, didn't you know that?


Dang, I missed another entry.
Things got a little heated up around here - I washed my hands of it and disappeared into my bedroom.
Basically, the tenant that is leaving got into it with Mary last night, and was yelling at her some things that - I won't repeat here.
However, it turns out, the newer tenant isn't exactly a barrel full of truth and honesty.
I only say that because after it was all done - including Mary banging on my door asking for me to "do something about this" (I referred her to the police) - I went back out because I heard some banging noises outside. It was 9:30 so I thought it a little late for the neighbors to be making that much noise - but that's exactly what it was.

However, I heard some people talking out in front of the house, so I walked up to the gate and looked through a crack in the slats of the gate. There was the new tenant and Ken - my other roommate - smoking a joint, in front of the house, on the street, in open view! Mind you that this woman told me that she "used" to smoke pot in Oregon, where she came from, but stopped when she came here. I say THAT because my ads are VERY clear about drug and pot use: NOT. Now that I know she has lied to me, this mixes the pot quite a lot. Who is telling the truth about what? IS Mary smoking meth in my house, or is she not? And all the rest of the stuff.

I am not going to confront the new tenant about smoking pot because she will be gone shortly. She can smoke all the reefer she wants in her new house. She can blow the smoke in her little Pomeranian's face and get them high along with her, I really don't care, she won't be HERE.

What it does for me, however, is that I must take her statements with a huge grain of salt. Why would she say the things about Mary that she has? Maybe some of it is the truth. There ARE people on this planet - lots of them - that take pleasure in making life difficult for other people. I simply don't know. I probably never will. I caught her in a lie - that means she is capable of lying, therefore, I can't take her word for anything. BTW, she doesn't know that I saw her and Ken out there smoking dope, and unless she knows where this journal is (possible) she won't know cause' I ain't saying nothing, unless yet another situation arises that warrants it.

So, anyway, Mary calls me while I'm at work this morning. She started right in. I started right out - I don't have time for this, I told her, I am at work, and I am NOT dealing with this now. I ended up hanging up on here. She called again. Same thing. Half hour later, she calls again. This time, she's sobbing and crying and saying she didn't do any of the things that this woman claims, on and on and on. This conversation went on for a while. I laid out my known issues with her, since we were going there. Besides the meth issue, there is the electric issue. I know from seeing it for myself that she cares not one iota about the electric consumption in this house. I went on that line for a while.

Anyway, long story short - I did not confer anything one way or the other. I have another tenant coming in here either this weekend or next week, and I flatly warned Mary to LEAVE HER ALONE. Don't even TALK to the woman, excepting hi, how ya doing, etc. No asking for rides, no asking for ANYTHING, thank you.

Onto other things. I have been toying with the idea of this next party to also invite the neighborhood and see about starting a Neighborhood Association. Get a Board of Directors together if there are those that are willing, get it registered and start writing requests for money. Not for me, of course, for things for this particular neighborhood. Is there money available right now? Dunno, but it would be the perfect opportunity to get this thing started and at least get a foundation going. I currently have about 50 people lined up for the next party, which doesn't include neighborhood people because - I haven't gone there yet. Half the people coming have said they are bringing food. One person has sent me money PayPal towards costs for the party. More have said they would donate money as well. I have started a blog just for party, actually, and - it's had a LOT of visits.

Now? I actually got some overtime this week. Yesterday, I went out to the middle of Nowhere, Africa - literally - having to pick up some pipe that had been delivered there a long, long time ago. Seems that the company that bought it from us suffered the problem of the developer pulling out. Meaning the contractor was stuck with thousands and thousands of feet worth of pipe, along with a lot of fittings and alot of other stuff. All of it was sitting in the desert. It was all messed up, as one co-worker that drove another semi out there said: This is a Cluster****. In my line of work, foul language is heard constantly.

Umm, I left in the morning on that run and didn't get back until 4:30pm. That's because it took 5 hours to load the trucks, then instead of heading back to my yard, I had to take the pipe to our yard Buckeye - which is out west. WAY out west. Coming back? LONG trip.

Interesting rumors concerning my company. I am not going to divulge anything because - well just not prudent to say that here. Other things, though. More talk of combining a plumbing branch with our branch. A building we occupied has now been closed - plumbing was operating out of it. More people out of work? No necessarily. They are offered to go to work at the huge, downtown branch. My company cares about it's employees, even if it has to downsize to stay alive. Yes, people are being let go - I'm just holding my breath here, hoping I am not going to be one of those people.

I'm just trying to catch up on my journal - there's a lot on my plate and I'm hoping to dump some of that this weekend. I want to spend some time doing things outside. I will be buying 3 or 4 rolls of sod tomorrow and putting it over an area in my back "yard". Grass definitely grows on the other side of the house - wild grass that I didn't plant, so I have some confidence that it should take over on the west side. The only problem is, will the dogs, peeing and pooping on it, kill it? You know, if it can survive the summer - for the most part anyway - I won't care. I would rather have them doing it there than all over the friggin' place.

I'm done with this one, as I haven't watered the plants in several days - they are getting thirsty.

Hope you all are doing well.

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