Saturday, March 14, 2009


The dog-walk this morning was not a pleasant one. The Danes were acting up and I don't take kindly to dogs in my pack doing whatever they want. So, I pushed them and pushed them hard on this particular walk. Really, though, it was for me, not them. I had to relieve some stress in a big way, and it seems to have worked. I have a slew of things I want to get done this weekend - haven't started on any of it, but then again, it's only 9:00am.

I was thinking of renting a Rug Doctor and cleaning the carpet in that bedroom, plus doing the living room and the hallway plus my bedroom. Haven't decided on that one yet. I am going to Home Depot shortly to pick up 3 or 4 rolls of sod, put it down in my back yard and see what happens in the next - well however long it takes to see if the dogs "using" it on a daily basis is going to ruin it. I am going to do that for sure. I just need to go into the bedroom and see if it's acceptable or not. It definitely needs some airing out if nothing else.

I now have a premium membership to Costco. Karen gave me the free portion of her membership - for free. I did not ask for it, but she had been offering it to me since she moved in here. She just renewed it last month, so that card is good for quite a while to come. I have wanted a membership to that place for some time now, I just didn't want to spend the bucks. There are things in that place that you can buy in bulk that are definitely a good deal. I am going to check out dog food prices. I seem to remember they have giant bags of dog food, if that's still true, just a matter of the price.

I am also going to have to re-paint the hallway. I did some touch-up in there with what I thought was the same paint as was used on it before - turns out it is semi gloss and the paint is eggshell - the flat stuff. I have a gallon of paint and will be getting to that sometime today or tomorrow as well.

I have a lot on my mind. The ex wants me to give her Caleb for 2008 taxes. It's my year to get the deduction for him.

Anyway, I'm going to keep this one short as I still am "going" from the walk which was more like a jog at full paces of my legs - and my legs are quite long - I was walking very fast and was sweating profusely by the time I got back here. The dogs are already passed out on the floor.

Hope you have a good Saturday.......

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