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I got most of the carpet done yesterday - the living room was a pain. The hallway had to be gone over several times as well. I have my bedroom left to go - I have all day to get it done. That will take about half hour/45 minutes and the project is finished.

I will say that the effort was well worth it. I don't know how often others clean their carpets - I figure every 6 months or sooner. I have always been a fan of the Rug Doctor - for what it is, it works very well. It may not be as good as one of those giant machines professionals use that are mounted in vans with giant, long hoses, but for the price, I'll take it.

Some of my complaints to the city have produced results. The guy with the trailer that has been in his front yard forever? Trailer is gone.
The people across the street with all the weeds? Gone.
The people next door with weeds almost as tall as I am? NOT gone. Yet, anyway. I intend on writing the city back and asking what is being done about their s***h…