Monday, March 16, 2009


Took - well an hour and a half anyway - nap/log sleeping and was awakened by Ken - the roomie. He was asking for a ride to work which is about 3 and a half miles away. If he doesn't get a ride from someone, he ends paying a taxi from his company at $8 to get there.
Well, as it turned out, my check came in as well. It's the check for the money I had saved through the stock option at work. I opted out of it after they sent me the end of year statement. I was having the minimum put in - so the check was only $253.00 - but that's money that can go for one of these projects I want to get done around here.
So, I took him to work and headed over to the rock store. Landscaping rock. Besides the awnings and window coverings, there is also another project I have been wanting to get done forever: landscaping rock in the back yard.
A much greater reason than just appearances, too - there is a TON of dust getting in this house because the entire back yard - besides all of the cement - is nothing but dirt. I dust the house once a week - after a week is gone, it looks like it hasn't been dusted in half a year. Herman Munsterish in proportions, the air filter in the AC system is constantly getting clogged up. Vacuuming? The canister fills up quickly. I can suck out 3 or 4 full canisters of dust/dirt in one vacuuming in the living room, my bedroom and the hallway.

A nice layer of half inch washed landscaping rock would take care of a lot of that problem. Turns out I only need maybe 5 tons to do the west and south side of the house. I was sitting there for over an hour, looking at the various colorings of the rock that is being sold.

I couldn't decide and decided to leave. Do you have ANY idea how much work it is to try and get tons and tons of rock up after you have laid it down? Yes - you MUST be sure that you are getting the color you like before you buy it. I need about $150 worth of rock plus tax plus delivery. Not really that bad, actually. I am going to drive around and take a look at people's yards and see what looks good.

This place has all the different rock laid out in small patches - you simply can't get an idea of what a large amount of it is going to look like.

Speaking of Ken, he is talking about moving. Someone has told him they could get him a much better paying job - but that job is in North Scottsdale, a long ways away from here. He would have to move. I think his pay would go up almost $4 per hour - I actually encouraged him to take the job. He's a good tenant, but - I think that company he is working for is ripping him off by the pay they are giving him considering the demands that are placed on him at the workplace. I can find another tenant - though it's always nice to keep the "good" ones as long as you possibly can hold onto them.

The newest tenant - ie: the one that moved in yesterday? She moved in and I haven't seen her since. She stayed the night - her car was parked out front this mornig - but that's as much as I knew. I have no clue where her dog is. She was talking about leaving it in the room all day long - apparently something that dog is accustomed to. I don't really care as long as it isn't going crazy in there and isn't tearing the place up. I don't hear a sound coming from there, so I really don't know.

Back to the projects - the money I got today can get enough rock plus buy the trellises I want for the back wall. Or not. I really haven't made any firm decisions, I just went looking since I was already out and the rock place is only a few miles from my house.

Now? I'm going to go and lay back down again - I am feeling very groggy now that I slept that long and - I'm just going to nod out again.


How To Build A Wood House Awning

No clue, but I'm going to start looking into it. They look as good or even better than the aluminum versions and if I can find something online that has something akin to a "step-by-step" - I would be more than happy to attempt the challenge.

Oh - btw - I'm home from work early. I am not feeling well - at all. There was very little to do at work - of which I accomplished and then sorta asked about going home early. I am going to go to bed in a few minutes and stay there for awhile.

Anyway, I mean - really - what does it take to build a solid porch awning? Assuming 4X4's or maybe 4x6's for the frame, 4X8 sheets of plywood, shingles, various nails and screws and hardware. Special bit to drill into concrete to attach the bottoms of the wood beams to the concrete floor. I have constructed small buildings before and remodeled my house mostly by myself, with a little help from a neighborhood guy - I WANT an awning on the western side of this house before the blistering sun starts burning the house up and raising my electricity use through the roof.

This will be the newest idea popping into my head in terms of a project around here.

Turns out that one kind of plant I have planted from that nursery auction isn't a "plant" at all, it's a tree and grows about 20 feet tall with at least a 20 foot canopy on it. I was a bit surprised to find that out, really. I saw those things today growing in the middle of the divider of a street - rather large trees. One of them is growing behind my house. Fortunately I planted it far enough from the house itself that it won't be an issue in later years when the trunk grows much larger.

That's all, for now anyway. As I said, I'm heading to bed.

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