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Rather odd day. The boss didn't show up for work - and really "we" ran the store all day long until around 2:00 pm, when the sales manager from downtown showed up. He's really cool - though extremely busy nowadays putting in bids for contracts all over the place. I had a transfer run to downtown and then a small run to Casa Grande and that was about it.

The more sales slump, the more I figure more changes are headed our way. Another flash of news hit today - though I don't really think I can say it on here so I won't. Doesn't affect me, personally, it does affect an entire grouping of particular associates within our company, at least in our region. I'm bracing myself for the eventuality of whatever may come - but definitely, something will happen. I can feel it - it's in the air.

Anyway, got home from work, took my "powernap" - 20 minutes of actual sleep - forced myself up, got the dogs and forced myself out in the rather warm …