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The Dentist's Office

There are 2 places that I absolutely ABHOR going to.
1 is the doctor's office, the 2cd is the dentist's office.
They are both equally calloused in their treatment of clientele - whether you've been a long-term patient or a new one, it doesn't matter to these people. You're a number on a clipboard, a grouping of numbers on a computer screen.

So, I took Caleb - my son of course - to the dentist to have this chipped tooth checked out. I filled out all the paperwork - name, date of birth, on....and on.......and on............................and on...........................I was wondering where the "blood count" or even "sperm count" portion was. Maybe they should ask you about your sex life while they're at it. The amount of info they want is intrusive as far as I'm concerned.

I arrived early - I always do so that I can get paperwork filled out and have it done by the time the intended appointment time arrives. I have my own personal…


Today's deliveries? ONE single sewer cap. It is what it sounds like - a cap that goes on the end of a stick of sewer pipe. Around a $20 piece. I'm definitely not liking what's going on right now. As far as I can see in the system - there is not much of anything going on at any of our Waterworks branches. A continued, prolonged cycle like this can only mean one thing: more layoffs. I'm a realist, not being negative. I will hold out hope for my job regardless of what the economy is doing.

I will also do whatever I have to to stay in my house. The worst case scenario? Hasn't hit and I'm not going there unless it does. No point in it. I would rather keep my outlook optimistic - as optimistic as possible anyway - and keep my eyes on the rather dim light at the end of the tunnel. It's there - we all know it's there, but when will we start seeing it? I dunno. I have more backup plans if the worst happens. Oh, I would hate the situation, definit…