Thursday, March 19, 2009

Dentist Revisited

Left here, went to the rock place, ordered 5 tons of - I think it's Palomino Gold. Nice looking stuff, enough to cover 750 square feet, which should (hopefully) cover all the way up to the dog-free fence in the back. Left there, got Caleb, go to the dentist's office 20 minutes early - on purpose. I knew they would want me to fill out yet another series of endless forms for me, just like I did yesterday for Caleb.

They call Caleb in a few minutes before the appointed time. I turned my paperwork in before the appointment time as well. Tick - tock. They clean Caleb's teeth - still haven't called me in for my appointment. Now, remember, Caleb has one dentist, I was assigned to another one in the office so I could be seen at the same time Caleb was getting his teeth cleaned. They call me in and tell me Caleb had Gingitivis - which doesn't surprise me, he doesn't clean his teeth very well.

They want me to buy a $20 bottle of rinse - whatever. Back out to the waiting area, into the area you wait to get signed out. The lady behind the desk asks if I want to wait on Caleb's paperwork until after my visit is done. No, no thanks, said to her, let's take care of it now and cancel my appointment.

They made us wait fully 25 minutes past the appointment time yesterday, I was not about to do that again today. I simply said I think it very rude to set an appointment and then expect people to wait FAR beyond the appointment time, please give me my paperwork back as I am going to destroy it and I will simply find another dentist somewhere else.

A whole group of them, including the lady that was dealing with me behind the desk, disappeared, but I could hear them talking. They were attempting to mitigate the situation - but there was no mitigation. They had overbooked and it was going to be a while before they could get me in. NO WAY was I going to wait even another 15 minutes longer. I left Caleb's paperwork there - it's close to the ex's place and she can take him the next time - which will be for wisdom tooth extraction.

Ummmm, long interval.

Nuff said.


Finally, there will be something to do tomorrow. A trip to Casa Grande, back to the yard, load up again, a trip to Florence, and then possibly another delivery somewhere else. That ought to just about consume at least an entire morning. I totally forgot about going to the rock yard today and seeing about getting a load of it delivered for Sat. morning. I may have waited too long and may not be able to get it until next week.

Oh well. I'll try tomorrow - I guess I could buzz over there right now, but my son's second dentist appointment is in an hour from now, so - probably not. I just got home from work, going to a rock store - well I could deal with it as it wouldn't take that long - but - not.

Take that back, I really want that rock delivered on Saturday morning, I'm taking off, I have plenty of time to get over there, pay for the rock and get to my ex's place to pick up my son. The dentist's office is all of half a mile from her place.

C'ya later!

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