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It's Nightime................

...........and there's something I really wanted to accomplish tonight. I got it done, too.
I really don't know about - whether I should post it on WWW - so I won't. I didn't murder anyone and I'm not so broke that I had to go rob a bank, if you must know. nothing so granduer. It wasn't sexual and it had nothing to do with anyone in my house.

I'll leave it at that.

As for today - just about cashed. I poisenend all the weed areas where I pulled weeds this week - hoping they don't grow back cause rock is about to go over top of that dirt. I would put plastic on the ground, but I'm afraid that dog pee not having anywhere to go but the plastic surface eventually wouldn't smell too good. I'll deal with weeds over THAT any day.

Well, anyway, Fry's has ground beef on sale - the 93 percent lean stuff - at $1.88 per pound. That's extremely cheap for those that don't know. I also found a giant pork roast for a great price - it w…

Friday lasssssssssst.
I'm psyched about tomorrow morning's delivery of 5 tons of decorative granite (rocks, lol). I'll have the rock dumped on the driveway just next to where it's going to go - I have to go buy weed killer and spray the areas where all of those weeds were.
Speaking of weeds, the next door neighbors cut their's down - but only out front. There are almost 6 foot tall weeds in their back yard - where their little tykes play. I don't understand that kind of "living". I do understand that if the City isn't going to force them to cut that crap down in the back and side yard, I will be calling the fire department and ask for inspection for fire hazard - they have all kinds of flammable JUNK back there.

I was paid today by one of the tenants not 5 minutes after I walked through the door. That was a good thing. I then get paid on Friday by work, then Tuesday by another tenant and Wednesday by yet the other tenant.

Anyway, …