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The Whole Package

My money spent on things outdoor is put on hold at this point. At least until I get paid again, anyway. The rock and the grass, plus the trellises and accompanying hardware? Enough. I bought the final rolls of grass I think I will need - the rock spreading is going quite nicely, thank you.
That project will be done today sometime. I have to knock down some dirt to level out the surface in order to plant the remaining grass rolls.
I'm undecided whether I will have the energy/time to start on the trellises - though admittedly it's nothing more than digging two, 2 to 3 foot deep holes; attaching 2 2X3 beams together with hardware - twice; inserting said beams into ground - possible cement, though I would rather just beat them in the rest of the way with a sledge hammer; attach the trellises and it's basically done.

That's actually a lot more than it sounds. Ummm, well whatever. I have the basic Sunday chores to do around here as well, which is why I'm quaff…