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Busy enough day at work to keep me occupied without having to dread the "what am I going to invent to do now" syndrome.
Tomorrow has some deliveries - maybe take up half the morning - after that I don't know.
What really "stank" was last night. Apparently, a 50 pound bag of dog food I got from Fry's is somehow bad. THREE dogs puking all over the place. Freakin' threw their @$$es right out of the house and - well I cleaned it up best I could and then did the carpet cleaner today when I got home - which got all of it up.

I'm getting psyched about the party. News15 called yet again today. The guy is reading the ads/blog I put up. I was very hesitant about it - the guy sounds nice enough and he says that personally, he thinks it's a great thing. I got over it - why not? A lady that came to the last party - that I asked her opinion about the news coming - said she thought it would be good to get this kind of thing out in the open. I've b…