Monday, March 23, 2009


Busy enough day at work to keep me occupied without having to dread the "what am I going to invent to do now" syndrome.
Tomorrow has some deliveries - maybe take up half the morning - after that I don't know.
What really "stank" was last night. Apparently, a 50 pound bag of dog food I got from Fry's is somehow bad. THREE dogs puking all over the place. Freakin' threw their @$$es right out of the house and - well I cleaned it up best I could and then did the carpet cleaner today when I got home - which got all of it up.

I'm getting psyched about the party. News15 called yet again today. The guy is reading the ads/blog I put up. I was very hesitant about it - the guy sounds nice enough and he says that personally, he thinks it's a great thing. I got over it - why not? A lady that came to the last party - that I asked her opinion about the news coming - said she thought it would be good to get this kind of thing out in the open. I've been on the news numerous times throughout my life -mostly on missionary types of things - never really had any "bad" experiences with the news media on a personal level.

But sometimes they go "digging". Usually that's on the political side of things, though, trying to dig up whatever junk they can about any given candidate.

So, I'll just come right out and say what I did in my teens, as I have said it on my blogs before. I am certainly NOT proud of what I did, but I didn't hurt or kill or rape anyone - not making light of my crime, but I paid the penalty to society, which was to repay for the damages done and went on probation for 6 months. I stole a video game from a place I was working at. It was a stupid, dumb, idiotic thing to do, yes it was. Mostly, my teenaged life was a waste. I could go into it - but it would take a book and I just don't feel like it right now. And anyway, it's unimportant - to me anyway. It's ancient history that I NEVER did over. When I stood before that judge - struck a plea agreement - he sat there looking at my stupid self, stroking his beard. When he said: "I'm tempted", I about pee'd my pants. The instant revelation came to me: plea bargains are NON-binding on judges, they can do whatever they want in that courtroom, including sending you to prison.

I was terrified. Now? I want to go back and thank that judge. It was a turning point in my life. If there's one thing I do not want to have happen, it's to lose my freedom. A few years after that, I gave my life to the Lord (Jesus Christ, that is) and life has never been the same. I went on the mission field only 8 months after becoming a Christian - and saw some incredibly remarkable, amazing things.

But, the truth is now told. Not that I haven't told it before - over and over - especially to emloyers. Some employers want to know all of your criminal background, others want to go back X amount of years. Mine was 27 years ago.

Whatever. I trust this to be a good experience and expect it will come out that way. I have to tell you folks that some of the emails I am continuing to get from people are enough to make you start crying. People losing beautiful, nice homes, losing both jobs in a family structure, being forced to live on food stamps and move in with whomever in their family lines will let them in. I received one today that really did start a stream of tears.

Ummm - well, I'm going to change the subject. I came home from work today and finished the landscaping rock project. I estimate I need another 3 tons or so of granite rock to give full coverage. I have about a 2 inch covering - I want at least 3 if not 4 inches. Plus there is still a small area with no coverage. Then there's the east side of the house - not going there right now. I would need about 4 tons over there for good coverage - but it's probably going to be different colored rock. Other projects take precedence. So does paying bills. And anyway, I am going to install a wandering pathway through there first, before dumping any gravel on there.

The weather here has reverted back to unbelievably beautiful. The way it should be at this time of the year. It's very cool in my house right now - windows and sliding glass door open - and the breeze is blowing. Sun is just starting to go down and the birds are still singing! Crazy nice!

Take care, everyone!

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