Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Mediocre day at work, in terms of amount of things to do. A couple of deliveries, some pickups and pulling an order to take to a new jobsite in Casa Grande. In fact, they are finally building a WalMart down there. Rumors from numerous indivduals that live down there that I have spoken to over the years have indicated the town council simply did not want a WalMart in Casa Grande. I can think of a few reasons why a small town wouldn't want such a thing - but - apparently WalMart has finally won out and is building a new store. One assumes a complete store the size of the moon................

I am meeting up with the news media tomorrow at Costco. They wanted to do a small blurp on the stuff I am buying and even a showing of some of the things I have already acquired for this party. At the moment, I have enough ground beef to make 120 hamburgers, a big enough pork picnic roast to end up with enough to make at least 20 to 30 pulled pork BBQ sandwiches, some chips and other odds and ends. I continue to get emails from people wanting to come. Friday after work will be spent making hamburger patties, cutting up onions, cooking that pork roast - probably put that thing in the slow cooker before I go to work on low and then turn it on high when I get home if it isn't done yet.

Presently, I am cleaning my refrigerator and doing a spring-cleaning version of cleaning in my kitchen. Basically just wanted to take a break from the work I have already done today after work - which includes pulling a lot of grass and weeds from the east side of the house. I am SO very tired of that continuous crap having to be done over there, simply because my next-door-neighbor is your basic SLOB and has no desire to take care of his property - AT ALL. I have much to do out there before this party - even though I mostly will not be having anyone out there, I still want it looking nice.

So, this is really a very short break as I have a couple more hours of work I want to accomplish before quitting for the day. Basically - finish this kitchen.....

LONG interval. I have scrubbed the kitchen up and down, talked with the new tenant for hours, and I'm done.