Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I went to Costco and met up with the reporter and his camera-man. They were VERY nice individuals - I was impressed. Very well dressed, professional - and young. 20 somethings. Which was even more impressive- no diss on 20 somethings, but the current casting of that age out there today? Ummm - I won't comment.

All they wanted to do was follow me around the store and get video shots. It was a little awkward having a cameraman running in front of me, behind me all around - getting all kinds of shots. I mean - people were looking at me, I'm sure thinking: 'who's THIS guy?' I really didn't buy that much, either. I only went there for the hot dog and hamburger buns - they have great deals on that stuff. I also ended up buying a 32-pack of cans of Coke and a 24 pack of cans of Arizona Green Tea and a 15 pack of brats. What's a BBQ without brats? Not kids brats, either! Umm, yes, there are going to be plenty of kids at the party - no diss on them, either.

It became obvious that the news media - at least this one - is seeking out good stories. There's so much negativity going on right now. What do you want to report? AIG and the bonuses? A 3 plus trillion dollar budget? Maybe the millions of jobless people? The millions more losing their homes? Then there's the status-quo stuff that is always happening: Murders, rape, incest, sick stuff. They came back to my house, took some footage, asked me some questions, news at 10:00. Literally.

What do I want to accomplish? No agendas, at least not at first. Then I thought: gee, what if people watched that and thought to themselves: I can do that, too! Heck, might start a trend! People inviting total strangers to their house from their immediate communities to have some kind of "happening" together. Agenda: just have a good time, meet new people, talk about stuff going on, but let's not mope, please.

I didn't get to Bashas - but I will be going tomorrow and Friday and stocking up on that chicken. BBQ'ed chicken is quite wonderful, especially when smothered in good BBQ sauce.

I'm done.

Have a great evening!


I surprised myself at just how much time I spent just cleaning the kitchen and dining area last night. The newer tenant was being sociable - so we talked for a couple of hours. She's a pretty cool lady I will have to say just from the few conversations that we've had so far. It's always nice when something that you have no clue whether it's going to work out or not - does.

So - apparently there is yet another new blogging site that numerous JS'ers are migrating to. I haven't even given it consideration. I went over there and it looks nice enough - but I just got settled in here! I guess if enough of the old-timers go over there, I'll end up there too, but for now - I'm here. I might just start up a blog with one of my favorites user names just to be able to have it.

In other "news", I am going to meet the news in about 20 minutes from now. BTW, I've had some money donated for this party and with the people that are bringing stuff with them, I will be out very little. Which is good - I didn't want this thing to set me too far back. I AM going to go to Basha's, however, and buy as much 77 cent per pound chicken breast as they will let me walk out of there with. Some of it will go to the party - some of it will be getting to hang out in my freezer for future reference. Interestingly enough, I just found out yesterday that there is a Basha's only 3 or 4 miles from my house. I had thought the nearest one was clear over on the other side of Tempe - the reason I don't go there, even for good sales. It's out of the way.

That's bone-in chicken breast, yes, but for that kind of money - stock up! lol. About 30 pounds of that stuff would be nice - though it's likely they have a limit. I could go back tomorrow and get more if I need it. I wish I had an upright freezer at this point - my freezer is always jammed full of stuff and I always am wanting to buy sale stuff and try to pack even more in there.

I'm not sure about the news - I tend to freeze up in front of cameras like that. I have been in front of cameras numerous times throughout my life - just try to relax I guess, it's only a party, after all. Not only that, I really don't know HOW they found out about it. It's not like it was an grandiose thing - it was just a simple ad. I don't know if someone alerted them to it - I mean, why else would they be going through the free ads on Craigslist?

Dunno, but - I guess today's interview is actually going on the news - today! lol. I thought they were just going to do a piece for future reference after the party is over, but if I heard the guy right, that's not the intention at all.

No big deal. Mostly, I just like meeting new people and - having a good time while doing it, of course.

Well, gotta git.

C'yall later!

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