Sunday, April 5, 2009


Tomorrow marks the first day I have worked at this company I am working at at a store with only 2 people manning it. That isn't a lot of people to take on that much duties. It isn't impossible right now, though - workload has been relatively light. I do figure that my workday will increase in volume to the point that there will be no - inventing things to do - type of scenarios.

I spent the afternoon visiting with people. It is very nice outside and I would far rather spend a weekend outside than sitting indoors. Those of you that are stuck inside during the winter? I do the same thing during the summer. I mean - really - the heat just gets too intense.

I also cemented 2 - 2X3X8 pieces of wood into the ground. I'll be able to hang my first trellis tomorrow or the next day and then work from there.

I'm just - not quite here. I'm still in the ozone about the things going on at work. Undoubtedly, there will be announcements tomorrow about everything that may be going beyond the "staff reduction". I dunno. I'm just happy to be employed right now and at the same time, loving the job I am working at.

Hope you all had a good weekend.


Always lovely to come out to a nice, quiet kitchen and living room. Only other living creatures in the area are dogs laying at my feet : )

My agenda today is nothing too terribly grand. I have to go buy 3 more bags of concrete for the posts I am putting in the ground to hold up the trellises. I decided to concrete them into the ground so I don't have to put the 2X4's too far in. That leaves the post far enough out of the ground to be covering most of the vertical portion of the wall they are intended to cover. Really, the hardest part of this "job" is just putting in the posts. Hanging the trellises will be easy - some wood screws up and down the trellis going into the wood beam and that's it. I will also treat the wood with some stuff I already have to keep it from rotting away too quickly due to the elements.

Other than that - I decided on an impromptu little get-together. Nothing grand, just a few people coming that want to eat. I still have some meat left-over from last weekend and want to use it. Which reminds me - I must get that stuff out of the freezer and start thawing it. There wasn't any great response - maybe 20 emails of which 10 were comments about what I am doing (good comments) and the rest saying they would like to come. Figure half of those won't show so, yes, just a small little gathering.

I also still have sodas leftover, plus some very good potato salad. Meaning I don't have to buy anything, just get it out, cook it and it's done.

Whatever. I have laundry and other duties to do today as well - gonna get at it.
Have a great day!

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