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Well, we did a little bit in terms of deliveries today - but hardly enough to say it was a great day in terms of sales. It isn't really affecting anything - yet anyway - in terms of too few people - all 2 of us - in order to get everything done. Costs are continuing to be cut at every corner. I won't be surprised when the free coffee is taken away. I drink a pot a day - regardless of whether it's hot or cold outside. I will either have to buy my own for work if/when that happens - or try to quit altogether. The latter doesn't sound particularly fun.

It's pretty warm outside right now. It's 90 degrees right now and obviously, I have to run the AC in such conditions.

My thoughts are running rampant in the area of how to survive all this mess. I am EVER so tempted to just pay off that loan and then take out as much as I can in a new one. Not so I can blow it, but so I can have some money in case of a dire emergency - such as getting laid off. I hope that …