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What a day! Downtown to pick up 40 foot sticks of HDPE pipe; Coolidge to deliver it; Florence to deliver yet even more pipe; back downtown to pick up MORE pipe and fittings for a delivery tomorrow.

That cashed the entire day. I have been going since 5:30 this morning and just now am finally able to slow down and take a break.

I'm definitely not complaining. Today's deliveries were small in terms of the money, but tomorrow looks to be a 35k day, which in these times, is quite good. The funny thing about tomorrow's deliveries was the boss's call about it. I had already pulled most of an order for tomorrow - a 20k order - this morning before I left. I can't show up to work and take off anymore in one of the trucks - there are only 2 of us running the store. My boss shows up later than I do, usually at least by an hour-and-a-half while he goes downtown to pick up parts and does whatever running around that needs to be done. So - if there are orders to pull - ev…