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Another busy and long day at work.
And a good day for sales, too - almost 40k worth.
Although no more news of continued layoffs - which is a good thing - there was news of some of the trucks being sold off. No need for them since we have gotten rid of some drivers. I think the company mandates that you don't have more trucks than drivers. Duhhh, of course. What I mean is, if you have 5 trucks, but are forced to layoff a driver, you can't keep 5 trucks, you have to sell one of them. So, a semi is getting said goodbye to and 2 10-wheelers.

I dunno. I was just glad to see that there was some sort of actual numbers coming into our store today. The boss had to let go of one delivery - which sucked, but what are you going to do? I'm the only driver and he can't take off - he has to run the store. I'm ALL for taking every single delivery that comes our way. But, I was making a delivery to Williams Gateway Airport and then to a jobsite in Casa Grande, and then b…