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Iran: We've Mastered Nuke Fuel Production

Here comes Armageddon.
The Bible speaks about 1/3rd of the earth being burned in the great Tribulation.
I often wonder if that will happen in my lifetime.

I mean, is anyone else concerned about Iran making this statement? They continuously make statements about the "need" for destroying Israel and America.

Israel, undoubtedly, is taking this as a serious threat to their national safety.

I wonder what the Obama administration is doing or going to do about this? A nation such as Iran would not just give up this capability - and frankly - I have no doubts they are seriously considering the use of warhead armed with a nuke to send over to Israel. One imagines Israel already having nukes aimed at various points across Iran already.

If it happens, it will be World War III and undoubtedly the end of life as we know it - if it's the Biblical future of a Great Tribulation.

Of course, I'm a religious nutcase. Well and fine. But if Iran sent nukes over to Israel, do you thi…


So - I'm going to my mother's today in lieu of tomorrow because of my brother's screwed up schedule. Just another sore spot with me - we are all expected to revolve around his schedule indefinitely. It's been going on at least 20 years now. I respect what he does for a living - but I don't expect that every single holiday that we get together that we should all have to deal with this. Today is NOT Easter, tomorrow is and that's the day I would rather get together with family.

Sounds petty - maybe it is, but as I said, it's been going on for over 2 decades. Then there's my oldest brother who isn't even going to bother to show up - he's going to his cabin up in the mountains.

I'm very edgy, unfortunately - quite moody is more like it. Since the day I found out my friend/co-worker was laid off, it's definitely not something that has just disappeared out of my mind.

Well, enough dumping. It rained last night - wish I hadn't misse…