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I think of all the holidays there are, Easter is the most important to me. Maybe not to everyone else, but - because Christ was resurrected, we have the hope of eternal life through Him.
Well, of course, the death and shed blood are obviously highly relevant to that factor as well - but the awesome thing is that Christ is not dead, laying in a tomb, nothing more than bones and hair somewhere. He is arisen and He is Lord!

Yes, that does excite me. The Lord has treated me very well in this short span of life that I have lived and I owe him my life, literally.
So, I just want to bid everyone a happy Easter and hope that folks that are so inclined, will take a moment to reflect on what Christ has done for us.

I have no great plans for today. I don't feel like doing anything. For some reason, the motivation levels have tapered off. Maybe I'll get some energy up later on to do some things that I want to get started on. I want to start jumping rope to add to the mix of things I am…