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Today - was going to be a totally slow day, but I ended up driving all over the place instead. There are, apparently, some huge orders going out next week - I picked up 10 fire hydrants from a place I had dropped them a few weeks ago to get repainted and those are going out next week, I believe. There is a 16 page order in the system for a Monday delivery - that is a good deal of money and there are other deliveries allegedly going out next week that will also bring in the bucks for our store.
Today - a driver came to take our 10-wheeler away. A dealer in Tucson bought a bunch of our trucks that we are ridding ourselves of - they must have been selling them things cheap for a dealer to want to pick them up. I actually liked that truck - but - we only need 1 truck for our store since there is only one driver - me - and in this kind of business, you MUST have a semi with a flatbed trailer if you have nothing else. We simply haul too much pipe and heavy stuff and larger orders to b…