Thursday, April 16, 2009


Today - was going to be a totally slow day, but I ended up driving all over the place instead. There are, apparently, some huge orders going out next week - I picked up 10 fire hydrants from a place I had dropped them a few weeks ago to get repainted and those are going out next week, I believe. There is a 16 page order in the system for a Monday delivery - that is a good deal of money and there are other deliveries allegedly going out next week that will also bring in the bucks for our store.
Today - a driver came to take our 10-wheeler away. A dealer in Tucson bought a bunch of our trucks that we are ridding ourselves of - they must have been selling them things cheap for a dealer to want to pick them up. I actually liked that truck - but - we only need 1 truck for our store since there is only one driver - me - and in this kind of business, you MUST have a semi with a flatbed trailer if you have nothing else. We simply haul too much pipe and heavy stuff and larger orders to be able to get by with a smaller truck only.

I picked up 2 1X4X8 sheets of styrofoam today and also another trellis. Just buying the stuff as I can afford it. I also sent out 2 payments: child support and the mortgage. Those 2 payments will leave me with less than $100 in my checking account - but fortunately, Mary paid me this morning and I expect 2 more tenants worth of rental payments tomorrow. My car payment is due today - so I'm now only a week out from paying it on time. It does not affect my credit score - has to be over 30 days late for that. In fact, I have it close enough that I don't even get dinged with a late fee.

Ummm, yes, I had the exterminator out today. It's been 3 months. I had cockroaches in here - but "Roach Prufe" has already done away with them. There have been dead roach cockroaches laying around in the last few days. The exterminator sprayed this place inside pretty darn good - just in case - but he said he couldn't find any evidence that there are any still around. In other words, the problem was nipped in the bud. I do NOT tolerate that kind of nuisance around my house. He stated that warm weather is going to necessitate him coming every month. This guy is pure gold - he would not tell me something that isn't fact. His rates are quite reasonable at $40 per visit and he totally saturates my entire property with the poison. His treatments are quite effective - just that I let it go for those 3 months because they never called me to come over, I ended up calling them.

Turns out they have a new secretary and it was an over-sight. I don't really WANT to pay for pest control every month - but my hands are tied, I have no choice. It's that or have bugs.

Oh - and it's going to start warming up considerably. In the 90's this weekend. Fun fun. Not looking forward to the 90's/100's/110's and up. NOT at ALL.

Ummm - nothing much else. I got my water bill today - $98.00 for ONE month? Oh - that's because Mary spaced out and left the hose running for about 12 hours at full blast one night. I'm going to show her the bill and politely ask that that doesn't happen again. Well, it's not just water - it covers sewer and trash as well, but that is about $38.00 higher than my normal bill. I guessed when she left the water on that night that it will probably cost me at least $30 on my water bill - I was almost dead on.

Okay, I'm done. Just the daily report.
Hope everyone is doing well.

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