Monday, April 20, 2009


???? I wrote an entry - and kablaam - it's gone into cyberspace somewhere.
Ummm, so there really isn't going to be going into all of that again.
Well, excepting the s*** I came home to after work. Both exterior doors were unlocked and no-one was here - besides my dogs, of course.

I started the dishwasher last night - no-one bothered to empty it today.

The sink was full of dirty dishes.

That's my recap and of course, I have left a sincere notice to all 3 tenants: Ben's Maid Service - Will Cost You Dearly.

I put up the second trellis today - I started and finished the foam project yesterday.

It got warm today.
It's going to get warmer tomorrow.
I have so much I put in that entry that was lost - siiiiiiigh.

I don't feel like doing it again.

24 starts in an hour and a half and then bedtime.


My plan for today accomplished. Hook the trailer up to the Jeep for the first time, haul it over to the town where my stuff is in storage, ...