Monday, April 20, 2009


???? I wrote an entry - and kablaam - it's gone into cyberspace somewhere.
Ummm, so there really isn't going to be going into all of that again.
Well, excepting the s*** I came home to after work. Both exterior doors were unlocked and no-one was here - besides my dogs, of course.

I started the dishwasher last night - no-one bothered to empty it today.

The sink was full of dirty dishes.

That's my recap and of course, I have left a sincere notice to all 3 tenants: Ben's Maid Service - Will Cost You Dearly.

I put up the second trellis today - I started and finished the foam project yesterday.

It got warm today.
It's going to get warmer tomorrow.
I have so much I put in that entry that was lost - siiiiiiigh.

I don't feel like doing it again.

24 starts in an hour and a half and then bedtime.


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