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........or what's left of it, anyway. I came home from work today, got online for a short time and then went to my bedroom.
I just woke up.
Totally out of it.
Someone was using the exterior door by my bedroom last night - like 4 times throughout the night. At 2:30 am, I finally got up, totally disgusted with the continual, unwanted wake-up calls - and locked the double-bolt door. I am the only one with a key to that door's deadbolt.
So here I am, feeling like a zombie, I just woke up out of a dead sleep and wish I had forced myself to stay awake at least until somewhere near bedtime. I have been sleeping for hours.

I was all over the place, at work, again today. Casa Grande seems to be a daily trip at this point. The fuel I am using in the semi is the indicator for me of the amazing amount of miles I am racking up in that thing. In recent times, that truck would go for weeks on end without having to refuel. Last week, I think I refueled on Wednesday and now the truck is…