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Today was totally ridiculous.
I got up early and was at work early.
I had the truck loaded from the day before, I only had to go in the store, print out my truck reports, print out the ticket for the delivery, walaah, good to go.

Instead, I find in the truck routing system that another order had been dumped in there for this particular delivery - a delivery they wanted me AT the jobsite at 6:00am. Kick it in high gear, pull the order, unstrap the trailer, put the material on, restrap the trailer - etc etc etc. I also had to go to the plumbing branch to get parts that we didn't have. So, arriving at this elementary school at the appointed time amazed me.

So, they have this little area between buildings where they're putting in sewer and water lines. Replete with a gate that was JUST barely big enough to fit a truck into, final touches that I had to drive against traffic and back at an extreme angle because of space limitations on the street. I even amazed myself on this back…