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Saturday - More

So, true to my word, I went out and bought almost everything on the list that the lady that contacted me wanted. It was QUITE a long list of stuff - I set a monetary limit on the amount I was going to buy - but I went over anyway. What the hey, it's free money, I didn't really earn it. They are coming over in a couple of hours. I am going to do some BBQ'ing as they are bringing their whole family - 2 adults and 3 kids. Basically, their situation is having their own company. The lady used to work for the company and draw a good salary - the husband ran the business and drew and awesome salary.

Now, like millions of others like them, they are facing some very hard times. Their business is still in operation, but she is no longer on the payroll and they are barely eeking out enough to make the house payment and pay necessary bills. Well heck, I'm going to copy and paste the letter without revealing the names or phone number. It's a typical story that's goi…


The ONLY reason I am awake right now is because of the dogs - sticking their snouts in my face while I was sleeping.
I got that wild hair last night and acted upon it. Yes sir, I went to the casino and raked up a tidy little sum of $700.00.
For 4 and a half hours, I was playing with house money, and boy was I playing! $50 bet here, $100 there. Double-down $100 for a $200 total bet here, etc etc etc. I undoubtedly could have won even more, but it got late and I started getting bored with it, actually.

Okay, I never get bored at the blackjack tables, but I was tired and that makes me feel bored, which is really my body telling me it's WAY past bed-time, pullllllleeeeeease go home and go to sleep. It felt REALLY good to walk out of there with that much of the house's money.

The funny thing is - management was standing there, glaring at me all night long. Everytime I looked up, they were standing there, a whole group of them at times, just staring at me. Now, admittedly I d…