Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Fry's Again?!!!

Soooo, I went to Fry's to get the $1.77 chuck roast that is on sale. I won't even bother to go into the ordeal I watched unfold before me with a lady/customer and the clerk behind the desk..........
I went to the meat department, and WHO did I find there? The Tude Dude!!! We saw each other at the same time, he immediately did an about face and walked into the back.
I'm looking for the sale meat: the price marker is there, but there's NO MEAT THERE!!!
At this point, I am finding this to be quite amusing. I'm thinking: NO WAY are they out of ANOTHER advertized special AGAIN!! I may have a strange sense of humor, that that's just me. I would rather laugh at a rather unlaughable situation than start getting angry and upset.

Well, I just figured to come back tomorrow or something and takalookit what they got and not say anything to anyone this time about the lack. I had thoughts of asking the meat department personnel about whether there was any in the back, but it was the Tude Dude, and I wanted nothing to do with him.

While all of these thoughts are cruising through my mind, Tude Dude comes cranking out of the back with a cart full of meat. I'm thinking maybe it's some of the sale meat. Well, while I'm thinking that, Tude Dude is coming straight at me with the cart. JUST before he was going to hit me with that damned thing, I moved out of the way and he bleeped out: "Excuse me".

Tude Dude begins to put the sale meat in it's allocated space. No, I didn't say anything to anyone about this guy, just let it go. If he does it to one person, he's going to do it to another sooner or later, and just as surely, someone else will complain and eventually - well you know the drill. I did find a couple of packages of good meat without too much fat in it. Yeah, limit of 2.

Umm, and there were packages of some great ham slices on manager's markdown as well. And Ravioli's - Michael loves those things - on sale. And whatever else.

I have a refrigerator full of food at this point. Which is a nice thing - full freezer, even fuller chilled side. I totally wish I had an upright freezer, a thing I have been contemplating buying.

Anyway, that was my excursion to Fry's, now I must excurse myself and go outside and - clean up dog dung.

Fun fun.


An exhaustingly slow day at work today, meaning: no deliveries. Not even a transfer, I never drove a company vehicle today. Semi sat there, idle, boss's pickup sat out back, idle. I kept busy - yes - but it just is tough to go through 8 and a half hours trying to invent things to do. A thought jumped into my head when I was "inventing" things and remembered that the evaporative cooler units for the warehouse need to be serviced for the upcoming, hot, summer days. I spent a couple of hours on that.

Well, anyway, today marks the 3rd time in less than a week that the gate has become a situation. For newer readers - I have 4 dogs and I also have 3 tenants living in bedrooms in my house. I keep padlocks on my gates - there are 2 gates for walking through and 2 more huge gates for driving through on the driveway side of the house. Going through the gates is the ONLY way to get into the house, there are no front doors (by design, and I have no regrets and actually love the way my house was built in such a fashion that getting to an entry door to the house means having to go through gates - and dogs - to get there).

I keep them padlocked for 2 reasons, 1: obviously, theft prevention. 2: much more important, to force everyone to actually lock the gate, meaning they have to check it to make sure it's locked. Today? Michael dropped the padlock INTO the block fence! I came home and the gate was not locked. The point is to keep my dogs IN my backyard/house. Anyway, I have definitely decided that I am going to put a new lock on that gate and I will be the only one with a key to it. Everyone else will have to exit on the other side of the house - where the dogs have no access to because of the chain link fence that creates my "dog-free" zone on the east side of the house.

Now onto some other interesting tidbits. A gentleman that works for Fry's left a comment in my last entry. I was quite amazed this person actually put his phone number and email address onto a blog that is viewable by the entire world!! Then again, that's a company email and phone number, so maybe no big threat or fear of - things happening from strange people. I was even more amazed that this man found this blog because of something I had written in the entry. I'm assuming googlebots or something similar does a crawl through these blogs - apparently every day? - so a search for a particular word - such as the word Fry's/Frys could be found if such a person were looking.

And looking he is - he has some sort of thing set up where he gets an alert if there is anything that has the word Fry's (or Frys) written into it - whether a blog or whatever else. So yes, I called the man up, why not? I've already talked to - at least half a dozen people from Fry's about this chicken issue, one more person added to the list isn't going to bother anything. I take that back, it's been more than half a dozen people. Just at the Fry's I normally go to I have talked to more than half a dozen people about the chicken. Add to that the phone calls I made on Sunday attempting to find ANY Fry's that has the chicken, and add to that the phone call I made to corporate plus the message I left for corporate yesterday. I will say here that the corporate official I spoke to on the phone said they would have someone call me back - they did not. There has been no reply to my message left on their site, either, excepting an automated reply.

But, I'll take the conversation with Chad - the man who replied in my blog yesterday - as more than good-enough reply and response from Fry's and leave it at that. Chad apologized for the series of events that took place, offered a gift card (which I most certainly will NOT turn down and did not turn down, thank you very much - but - I will also add that I did not ask or intone that I wanted a freebie) and was very amenable over the phone. I have found Fry's, overall, to be an excellent place to do my shopping over the years - albeit I have had some bad experiences, almost always, management has made up for it. The very few times that management did not make up for it (example: the incident at the Fry's at Mill and Southern in Tempe) - well - I just pretty much stay away from those particular stores. Though, I have to admit, I went to THAT store on Sunday to actually get the chicken that was on sale.

Ummmm, anyway. Well, speaking of Fry's, on Wednesdays, the circulars come in the mail for Fry's, Safeway and Bashas - none of them were in there! I ALWAYS look forward to scrutinizing all 3 ads to see what kinds of deals are to be had.

I have nothing else, and I'm tired. I have not slept well this week - last night I got 6 and a half hours of sleep, the 3 nights before that I might have gotten 5 at most. Meaning - I'm going to go take a nice nap.

Hope you all had a great day!

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