Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Zoo

The photos are not showing up right on my blog. If there is a photo of interest to you, simply click on the photo itself and the full photo will show. Not sure how to fix that problem - maybe try using a lessor setting on the camera.

I really haven't been around a 6 year old for quite a while - at least not in terms of spending any time with a kid that age, so - the trip to the zoo was actually a pleasant experience. Mostly because it's not my kid, lol. I don't have to deal with the issues, just be around for entertainment purposes and that's that.

Mimi - the newest tenant - has her 6 year old grandson over here on the weekends frequently. Pretty well-behaved boy so no issues there, I was invited to go with them to the zoo. Since I hadn't been in ages, I decided to go. I did, of course, take pics. The zoo has not changed remarkably for the decade plus since I've been there, but - it is fun to go see the pythons, exotic birds, lions/tiger/jaguars/cheetahs/elephants and everything else.

Oh, the pics. Well, I haven't posted any in a long time, so - here goes, sorry for the inconvenience, lol.


That's Damien doing the camel ride. He's the grandson of my newest tenant. The ride? $5 for about - 2 minutes.


Giraffes are our friends.


Yup, that's a sheep thing up there on top of that rock. I would have loved to see HOW it got up there.

Easily viewable is the lion laying in the shade. No so easily seen is the male lion behind the log, just on the other side of the female. He's visible, barely.


An otter lazing in the shade. I was amazed at the up-close view of the fur - looks very soft and elegant. 2 other otters were going crazy in the pool playing with each other.


I'm sorry, but that is one UGLY creature right there. Still interesting to watch all of them. Oh, it's a warthog for those that don't know.


Baboon. The dominant male? Next photo.........


This guy was clearly the dominate male of this "troop". Very fascinating to watch these creatures for some length of time in how they interacted with each other.

This was the best shot of these 2, of which you can only see one in the photo. Cheetas. We must have caught a bad part of the day - most of these animules were laying around. I had thoughts though, that they had the better idea, as I did the same thing these 2 were doing when I got home - took a nice nap : )


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, unfortunately for me, I found these birds to be about as ugly as vultures. Lol.



The bears had a huge exhibit, which took quite some time to get around. There were 2 of them and they were both hiding. We had been looking a good 20 minutes for these peoples before this one appeared. This was all the way around and at the end of their "cage". I have run into these bears numerous times in the wild - tend to give bears, even smaller ones - wide berth.


Damien again on top of an - obviously fake frog.

Okay, well it was cool and it was the right time to go - in a month that place is going to be hell. They have evaporative coolers set up in most of those exhibits for the animals to keep cool in, plus pools of cool water for those that need it such as the elephants. Hmmmmm, what happened to my elephant photos? OH, no photo, a video! Which I have not uploaded to YouTube yet, so I can't do that right now.

As for the rest of it? I took a video today of the trailer trash next door with all their weeds and grass that grows, uncurtailed and comes to my yard. Showed the garbage laying around along with extensive outdoor storage.

Prince sliced one of his paws on something, slice it good. We figured out what he probably sliced it on and took care of that situation. I have him on antibiotics because it is a pretty good gash. It isn't bleeding, but I am taking no chances with that.

Duke apparently antagonized Prince yet again, which mostly has died down in recent months, but his ear was bitten pretty good. I am not fan of my dogs fighting each other, but Prince finally got Duke back. I hope that Duke will somehow remember this in his rather empty skull and not start crap with him again. Anyway, the ear started smelling like rotten cheese - a clear sign of infection, so I started him on antibiotics as well today, and went ahead and ordered more of the stuff online because between the 2 of them, the bottle I have will be gone in about 8 days. They put Prince on the stuff for 2 weeks last time I had him on antibiotics when he got his tail caught in the fence and ripped it open, so I am going to keep them on the stuff for that length of time.

Ummmm, make that 7 days. The new bottle should be here in 3 days, so no problem there.

This weekend is history. I have to be at a jobsite by 6:30 am tomorrow. I won't have to get up any earlier than I usually do - I loaded the truck Friday and strapped it, it's ready to go. I get to work about 25 minutes early before I even sign in. I will get there at my normal time tomorrow and sign in upon arrival, get my paperwork ready, and be ready to leave by 6:00 am. Meaning the boss has to be there by 6:00 am for my departure. That's upon his desire to have the store opened at it's normal time, even though it's been quite a while since anyone has come in that early.

The jobsite is not even a 30 minute drive from the shop, so I will be good as long as the boss shows up on-time - which I have no doubts he will.

Anyway, it was a nice day and I spent it with quality people.
Hope yours was good as well.

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