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The Zoo

The photos are not showing up right on my blog. If there is a photo of interest to you, simply click on the photo itself and the full photo will show. Not sure how to fix that problem - maybe try using a lessor setting on the camera.

I really haven't been around a 6 year old for quite a while - at least not in terms of spending any time with a kid that age, so - the trip to the zoo was actually a pleasant experience. Mostly because it's not my kid, lol. I don't have to deal with the issues, just be around for entertainment purposes and that's that.

Mimi - the newest tenant - has her 6 year old grandson over here on the weekends frequently. Pretty well-behaved boy so no issues there, I was invited to go with them to the zoo. Since I hadn't been in ages, I decided to go. I did, of course, take pics. The zoo has not changed remarkably for the decade plus since I've been there, but - it is fun to go see the pythons, exotic birds, lions/tiger/jaguars…