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Contemplating/Thinking/Gears Turning

First off, Bobby's suggestion was excellent. I hadn't thought of it and I'm not sure I would have. Thank you, Bobby! I don't know how much more I will get on my paychecks for lessor taxes being taken out, but at this point, every penny is going to count.

Now then, the options.
A lot of this is ugly.
1. Move out of my master bedroom, rent it out at $500 per month. I would be living in Caleb's room - who would have to decide whether he would still want to come over or not.
2. Bankruptcy. Last case scenario. Only way I would do that is if creditors were garnishing my wages. I will fight and claw to keep away from doing that - it's a LONG time before that stuff goes away. In fact, April (last month) is the 10-year mark for the first and hopefully only bankruptcy I have gone through.
3. Lose the car. $223 per month payment. I don't think that's a great idea. They take the car, sell it at auction and then come after you for the difference.
4. P…

Bad News

My company - at our AZ branches anyways - just made a major announcement that is going affect me severely: "Reduced Schedules". Starting today, I am facing another $460 per month loss in wages.
They are taking away 5 hours per week from all hourly associates.

I have no idea how I am going to jump over this hurdle and land on my feet.

My mind, after reading this email sent out to everyone, immediately went into survival mode.

I have no clue.

I have cut most things out of my life that can be cut.

Lose the car?
Go bankrupt?
I'll do anything to save my house. Everything else can go to the pot.

I even had this idea from a few months ago of renting out my master bedroom and moving in with my son in his rather small bedroom.

He would hate it. I wouldn't much care for it either, but - again - when it comes to survival, I am willing to do things that many people are not. My son - could stay at his mother's if he didn't like it. I suppose he could just sleep out on…