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So, I go to the main branch today. I'm talking with a co-worker who got a double-whammy yesterday. Not only did he lose the same 5 hours a week I am losing, his wife was layed off from her job yesterday as well. I wonder how many thousands or even millions of times that scenario has been played out in this nation?

I still have no answers to my dilemna, but after handing out notices yesterday, I noticed that the power consumption has quelled dramatically. Shoulda done that before.

I spoke with both my mom and my dad about this - they have told me they want to know. Mother called back after I had discussed the situation with her and offered to take the 2 "smaller" dogs if it comes to that. In other words, she would take care of them, feed them, all that until - whenever something dramatically good happens that I could get on my feet. She would not take the Danes - citing the fact that she simply couldn't handle them. I don't disagree, those dogs have to hav…