Tuesday, May 5, 2009


So, I go to the main branch today. I'm talking with a co-worker who got a double-whammy yesterday. Not only did he lose the same 5 hours a week I am losing, his wife was layed off from her job yesterday as well. I wonder how many thousands or even millions of times that scenario has been played out in this nation?

I still have no answers to my dilemna, but after handing out notices yesterday, I noticed that the power consumption has quelled dramatically. Shoulda done that before.

I spoke with both my mom and my dad about this - they have told me they want to know. Mother called back after I had discussed the situation with her and offered to take the 2 "smaller" dogs if it comes to that. In other words, she would take care of them, feed them, all that until - whenever something dramatically good happens that I could get on my feet. She would not take the Danes - citing the fact that she simply couldn't handle them. I don't disagree, those dogs have to have a very dominant person to keep them in check. They are good dogs, but they will push - see how far they can go with anything.

My dad has offered some money he's receiving for whatever it was. I guess I don't really feel good about taking so much of his money, and I don't want to become a burden to him, so I wrote back and thanked him for the offer - but - as I said, I don't want to become burdensome. He's experience numerous health issues - nothing major but enough to keep him busy with doctors and such.

I'm just working on cutting costs around here - and the main one is electricity. Number 2 behind it is water. The water situation could be reduced significantly if I could get enough bills put together to install a drip watering system for all of those plants. Okay, it isn't THAT bad on the water bill, but I know I could reduce it probably a good $30 per month. Drip systems are much more effective for the plants, anyway.

I have beem looking for T posts for laundry - can't find them. Take it back, found some on Target's website - something like $25 a piece. I don't wonder if I could find someone to just make them for me. Metal post, a cross section on the top. Weld it together - times 2 (need 2 posts, obviously), put some rungs on them to hold the line, done. I don't know if I could get that for the same price as what they want online - but it would definitely be a much more solid setup and would last a LOT longer.

There's more, but there are a lot of things I need to get done or started on around here today, the sun ain't gonna stay up any longer than it has to just for me, so I'm gonna get to it.

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