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My newest tenant was in here - the kitchen that is - and we were discussing things of all natures. Mortgages came up and I explained to her my situation. I thought I had told her before. She wasn't shocked - I'm not about to lose my home or anything - but she did refer me to the FHA's site where she had seen something on TV about loan modifications. She directed me through what she had seen them doing on the TV.

After inputting the info, I was taken from a loan refinance to a loan modifcation screen. Okay, well - it informed me that a loan specialist would be calling the number I supplied them.

Worth a try, at least. I can certainly justify the need for such in losing OT hours and now, even regular hours. I feel very bad for one of my co-workers who wife just got laid off this week plus he lost 5 hours per week in pay. The unemployment benefits don't kick in for 4 to 6 weeks now. It never used to take that long, but apparently there are so many people applying f…


Basically donating time at this point. I was out all day today, got back to the shop, filed my paperwork and then logged out. Then I realized I had to count the cash drawer - which usually takes 10 to 15 minutes depending on what's happened. Tha doesn't have to be done every day, only when a cash sale is made, which is rather infrequent at this point.

The antibiotics are working on both dogs - thank God Almighty. The swelling in Duke's neck has subsided considerably and Prince's paw is looking better as well. I was reading online several sites about giving antibiotics, several say a minimum of 7 days even if the wound looks better, and better 10 plus days. Apparently antibiotics can stop working if you don't give enough and for a long enough period of time. No worries, I have enough to last both of them for a while. I bought enough last time to cover any emergency that might come up, plus I just received another 100 count bottle in the mail yesterday to co…