Thursday, May 7, 2009


My newest tenant was in here - the kitchen that is - and we were discussing things of all natures. Mortgages came up and I explained to her my situation. I thought I had told her before. She wasn't shocked - I'm not about to lose my home or anything - but she did refer me to the FHA's site where she had seen something on TV about loan modifications. She directed me through what she had seen them doing on the TV.

After inputting the info, I was taken from a loan refinance to a loan modifcation screen. Okay, well - it informed me that a loan specialist would be calling the number I supplied them.

Worth a try, at least. I can certainly justify the need for such in losing OT hours and now, even regular hours. I feel very bad for one of my co-workers who wife just got laid off this week plus he lost 5 hours per week in pay. The unemployment benefits don't kick in for 4 to 6 weeks now. It never used to take that long, but apparently there are so many people applying for the benefits, it's taking much longer to process.

Well geeze - who has 6 weeks to wait for that money? It's the government - they are printing money like it's free - why not hire more personnel? It's almost laughable the way the government looks at money. ALMOST. It's not, really, that's just the way I like to react to things that make me blood-boilingly angry. Better to laugh it off than die of a heart attack from stress.

It's quite unfortunate that the federal government is so intwined with garbage and regulations and junk, that there isn't much that anyone can do to change it at this point. Tea parties are great - but are they really going to effect anything? I have serious doubts. If you could go in and just get rid of EVERYONE in an elected or appointed office in the Federal Government and start from scratch, what would you end up with?

We humans are seemingly inherently evil - we would just end up with the same friggin' thing. It's not just a caustic situation, it's embarassing. The IRS comes after tax evaders like they're - the WHO going after the swine flu - yet it's the same government that operates the IRS that seems to care less about the people that pay their bills' financial well-being. Do we really need $500 hammers and $1,000 toilet seats? Or a glorified $1,000,000.00 out house in a national park?

But, it falls upon deaf ears. I do not resign myself to hopelessness in this situation, I just await someone or a group of someones to come along that gain national favor that might be able to do something in order to reverse this b***s*** we call a government. I sometimes wonder if this situation would ever end up in anarchy, or even a civil war? When will we all get tired enough of that s*** going on before we stand up, stand together and stand against it?

Never. That's my guess. Old-school, maybe, but new generation? Highly doubtful. The sad part about all of this is, it isn't a matter of violence or threats, it's just a matter of educating the masses - and somehow finding real people to take the positions that need honest, moral and ethical people in those positions. I wonder if that's possible.

Meanwhile, and totally changing the subject, the washing machine is making untowardly noises. It doesn't sound good. It isn't a good time for appliances and things to start breaking. The poor machine is used too much, is the honest truth about it. People doing pint sized loads of laundry. I just tookalookit the load in there - it's about 1/3 the capacity of the machine. Meaning that 2/3rds more laundry could have been done in there. If there's one area of waste going on in my house, it's definitely laundry, and it's definitely the ladies doing it. I do maybe 3 loads a week, sometimes 4, sometimes 2. The girls? I can't say for sure. 15 to 20 loads is my guess between them. I don't really understand the need for one person to be doing laundry that often? At least, by this weekend, I will have half the situation removed entirely. I was out there putting together the T-posts, digging out the holes deeper. I got distracted by other things and now it's later than I want to deal with. No big deal. Tomorrow I hope to get them both in the ground. If not, DEFINITELY Saturday. Wow, the work week's almost over!

Edited: In my view, another fine example of government waste: WHY do they need Two Thousand, Two Hundred acres of land to build a memorial for a memorial of Flight 93? I am totally FOR a memorial, don't get me wrong, but over TWO THOUSAND ACRES of land? And they're talking about emminent domain to get it? And the story of the landowners saying the government has done nothing they said they would in appraisals and determing costs for moving? I'm sorry, but I just don't get it. Maybe one of you can educate me.

Oh, well, I will only have worked 35 hours this week.........


Basically donating time at this point. I was out all day today, got back to the shop, filed my paperwork and then logged out. Then I realized I had to count the cash drawer - which usually takes 10 to 15 minutes depending on what's happened. Tha doesn't have to be done every day, only when a cash sale is made, which is rather infrequent at this point.

The antibiotics are working on both dogs - thank God Almighty. The swelling in Duke's neck has subsided considerably and Prince's paw is looking better as well. I was reading online several sites about giving antibiotics, several say a minimum of 7 days even if the wound looks better, and better 10 plus days. Apparently antibiotics can stop working if you don't give enough and for a long enough period of time. No worries, I have enough to last both of them for a while. I bought enough last time to cover any emergency that might come up, plus I just received another 100 count bottle in the mail yesterday to cover any lack that the first bottle may have.

The savings is substantial. I don't have to go pay a vet $50 to tell me what I already know: the dog needs antibiotics. I also found out the name of the good stuff: fish-flex. I have researched this enough to satisfy my requirement to know whether this stuff is REALLY being sold for dogs or is supposed to only be used in fish tanks. The providers bypass the need for a prescription by labelling/packaging the antibiotics under the pretense that it's for fish health in fish tanks. Cephalexin is the good stuff - I am using Fish-Mox right now, but next time I will switch to Fish Flex. It's a generic name, they all use it. Fish Mox is amoxicillin.
Anyway, I'm just very happy to have found all of this and the required info to go along with prescribing antibiotics for my own dogs.

Next? Dug the holes yesterday, but - the ground is so hard and full of rocks around here, I ended up filling the holes with water and wait until today to finish the dig and hopefully, put in the beams for the laundry-line setup. I have decided that instead of removing the electrical cord to the dryer, I will simply unhook the heating element/s inside the dryer. That way, those that want air-fluff can do so at-will, those that want heat-dry - can take it outside, cause' it's plenty hot out there - ie: right now it's 103 degrees.

Fry's called me today. It was the "meat manager", don't remember his name. He was from corporate, I believe. He informed me that there is a chicken sale going on right now and that there's plenty of chicken available. Yes, I know there's a sale, and yes, I know there's plenty of chicken. Informed him that another individual named Chad from his company had already dealt with this situation - seemingly a LONG time ago and that I was satisfied with the result. It kinda irked me that this guy called me after how long? ---- over a week since I filed that complaint online? Better not to call at all, considering the problem had been dealt with at at least a couple of levels. I didn't bother to tell him I wasn't particularly happy with the latest chicken sale: it has pics of chicken drumsticks - which is what I went to get, and then find out it's chicken legs - the whole thing. What can I say, I'm a fan of drumsticks and thighs after chicken breast. I don't like buying the whole leg, I prefer to buy it already cut up. Lazy? Maybe, just me I guess. Overall, Fry's is a great store so no big deal. I was going through the flyers yesterday and found nothing of great interest in any of them from any of the stores. The "good" stuff comes and goes, gotta jump on it when it comes.

I haven't spent that gift card yet - hopefully it doesn't have an expiration anytime soon, I'm waiting for certain things to come on sale and the swoop in, spend the entire card, and have a good take on it.

I dunno. I have no desire to traipse out into 103 degree heat and start installing things into the ground. Wait until later, I think. Maybe get one done today and the other done tomorrow and finish the project on Saturday. I'm thinking of applying at grocery stores - Albertson's/Safeway/whatever for a cashier's position. Maybe there aren't any openings, but I am going to at least try. I would try at Fry's, but I would have to go to a store I haven't started "trouble" at, lol. There's one down the street not too far away - but again, my name is probably "flagged" at that place. Jobs are scarce right now, nothing else to say about it.

With that, I think I will end this one and - take a power nap.

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