Friday, May 8, 2009

Riding Out The Wave

..........I am a firm believer in riding out casino winning streaks until it's gone. It ain't gone yet.
$600 plus 2 weeks ago; between $70 and $100 last week (I just haven't figured that one out, but I KNOW it was at least $70) and $175 tonight. I wasn't really even having that great of a time - I sat at 3 different blackjack tables. The first 2 were just not the right crowd.
The "right" crowd has the right attitude. Potentially inexplicable, so I won't try.
The third table wasn't any better, but I forced myself into the right mind frame regardless, closed everyone else out, and came back from behind. At $175.00 ahead and not feeling like sticking around all night long - well actually I was $185.00 ahead - I pushed all my chips forward, gave the dealer a $10 tip - he gave me a winning streak of which I was betting minimum $20 bets every hand that went on for a while to get me ahead, headed to the cashier's window, changed up and got out of there.

I decided to get the boys some Jack-In-The-Box food - they love the tacos - 2 tacos for 99cents. Got 12 of those and ordered 2 Jumbo Jacks without mayo or cheese. I get home - yes, there are 12 tacos, no there are not 2 Jumbo Jacks, there's one. This particular store has stiffed me before and I should have known better - dump the bags out onto the counter and count everything. I called them up. Yes, the manager already knows about it - whoever the person was that was supposed to get my order right, realized the mistake and reported it to the manager. I am NOT driving back there to get one single friggin' Jumbo Jack. The manager beat me to it: I'll leave a note in the office for the manager (GM) and it will include the Jumbo Jack plus freebies.

Yes, that's the reply I want to hear. I was cool with that and hung up after giving my name for that note. Still............

I got another freebie today as well - free car wash. It's a place that changed owners - new owners decided 2 weeks of free car washes and then after that, some good deals as well. They have the right idea, I'll give them that. I drove up, got in line. I was pretty wary - what's the catch? Basic wash is free, I expected that. Premium wash - 4th tier up - is also free. Now what's the catch with THAT? You have to buy a $60 wax job. No thanks. We'll give you the wax job for $30 plus 2 free washes. Nope, just want the basic wash. The guy gave up on me. Lol. He did end up getting $7 from me for upgrading from the basic wash to an interior job plus tire treatment and other add-ons. Hey, that wash job was a $20 deal for $7, I wasn't complaining and they did a great job. Included shampooing the floor mats. The guy at the "end" of the wash spent 20 minutes on shining my wheel rims, scrubbing the interior and so-forth, I definitely tipped him. You know, if I weren't facing frickin' financial chaos, I would have definitely gone for the $30 wax job - it's HAND waxed PLUS 2 free PREMIUM washes. Okay, I know, I can wax it myself for $5. Whatever. I left there happy, is all I can say about that.

So, my winnings. I spent $10 at Jack's Crack, the rest is going towards bills. Umm, well - I should say, $100 into the M-Power reader (electricity) and $50 towards the water bill. Darn, I lied now that I think about it. The new Star Trek movie is out and I have been waiting for that thing for a while now. So, $7.50 for the matinee, probably tomorrow. I will drink water and buy nothing and be happy to see it on the casino's dime. THEN the rest goes towards bills.

In light of extremely bad news this week, I've had a good day, and darn I'm tired. It's WAY past my bedtime.


The weekend is finally here, and for that I am VERY thankful. I need some time alone - away from people - to contemplate my next moves. I can't say that I can really do that until I actually SEE a paycheck with all these hours removed from it. That because I increased the exemptions by 1, but am considering going to 2. In fact, I'm definitely going to move it up to 2 more exemptions. I have no idea what impact that has on a paycheck.

Regardless, I have come to a bare minimum number that I must see on any given paycheck to be able to float - and I mean just barely float. Like having a boat in the water with a hole, the pump is on and it's pumping out the water as fast as it's coming in, but you turn that pump off for a minute and that boat is going to sink, and sink quickly. I have been considering my options, not particularly fond of any of them.

The reason I want time alone - away from everyone - is to get my thinking back to the days when I had nothing. Life had a different meaning then. I was a missionary and really didn't care that I had nothing. The things I was doing had it's own fulfilling qualities and whether I ate peanut butter and jelly sandwiches or spaghetti without meat really hardly concerned me. The society we are living in today is so self-centered and self oriented - we have gotten used to it and don't see it that way. I need not go into it much more than that - the point is to prepare myself for a way of living, if only temporarily - that does not succumb to any kind of gratification that costs money.

I may find myself looking for the doors of a church that are unlocked but having no services, to find time in solace and quiet before the Lord. I don't find that in my house on weekends for the most part, as soon as the boys are here - which my son already is - that goes out the window.

Speaking of my son - he had to put his dog down today. This is his dog at my ex'es house. They put him down this morning - I get a call at work and I heard great anguish and grief being expressed. That's pretty normal stuff for a doglover - but - it's also pretty normal at least for me to get over it quickly and move on.

Anyway, hope you all had a great/good/as best as possible week.

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